Did you miss Thursday night’s show? Catch it here:

I know I know, last night’s “Back Talk” -Live with Conservative Momma was on right when the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics were playing. But the show had to go on! If you missed it, catch it here now:

This week’s discussion:
– President Donald J. Trump proposed a military parade. The Left freaked out!
– Nancy Pelosi stood 8hrs. for Dreamers but not 1sec. for Americans at #SOTU
– Rep. (D-CA) Adam Schiff gets punked by Russian pranksters.
– Updates on fall out of the released GOP Memo.
– Term limits for elected officials and why we desperately need them.
– My weekly “Mommy Moment”

“Back Talk Live” appears Thursdays at 9pm Eastern on the Conservative Momma Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels.


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Broadcast and remotely-produced by Robert Hix with Hixvideo in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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