Why the #@%$ are we paying for this???

Did you know that there is a secret slush fund that law-makers in Congress draw from when they are accused of sexual misconduct?

Yes, this is happening. Since 1997, more than $17 million has been spent to cover these settlements! The largest number of settlements was 25, which occurred in 2007 with a settlement just over $4 million! There is also NO TRANSPARENCY! We have no idea who is being accused, who the accusers are, the specific amounts being paid out in these cases.

What is even more messed up is the accusers have to pay out of pocket on their own, while Congress has WE THE PEOPLE PAY! The accuser has to go through this long process which takes close to 180 days to complete. They are required to go through a four-step process  by the Office of Compliance. The steps include: counseling, mediation, administrative hearing or civil action, and appeals. If you don’t properly follow the steps, your claim can be dropped.

My question is WHY are we paying for this? Why has it become totally common for people in power to abuse their power? For the love- does this not expose how insanely gross the swamp is!?? Ughhhhh….get rid of all of them!

Good news though -A bill put forth last Wednesday by Rep. Jackie Speier (a Democrat from Cali. Which I think this is the first time in a looooooong time I wholeheartedly support a bill proposed by a dem). This bill would do away with the non-disclosure agreements and make congressmen pay out of their own pocket and not ours! Good! There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER why we should be bailing these guys out!

Stay tuned…….



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