Let’s talk about the Border-

I have been tweeting away and posting on Facebook about this but I have yet to compose my thoughts in a blog about what is happening at the border. I have witnessed so much emotion, with so little facts. This is how the Democrats operate though, they go for emotion….and what tugs on ones heartstrings more than pictures of crying children? Nothing, so that is what is being used here and now.

Why are we suddenly addressing and covering a story that has been going on since 2011? I will tell you why -Panic. Sheer and utter panic from the left. Midterms are around the corner and the Democrats have absolutely NO policies to stand on. If they object to what Trump has done for this country they are literally objecting to GOOD happening to America. Job unemployment is at 3.8%. Black Unemployment and Hispanic Unemployment are at HISTORIC lows. Over three million jobs have been created since election day. Consumer Confidence is at a 18 year high. Female unemployment is at 3.4%. And last week President Trump met with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, making HISTORY. North Korea has now agreed to begin the process of denuclearization. There is NO NEGATIVE way to look at Trump policies unless you are an America hating liberal. Hard to hear, but that is the TRUTH. So what do liberals do to counter the goodness, pull out an issue that has been happening for YEARS and blame it on Trump.

Trump did not enact a law saying that children cannot stay with their parents if they cross the border illegally -President Bush did in 2008. So I find it really amusing that former First Lady Laura Bush is condemning President Trump for enforcing a law that her husband created! “But President Trump is cruel by enforcing the law,” the left is crying! Really? This is honestly what I am hearing. They are upset that a law is being enforced. They have no solutions, their only idea is to not enforce the law because laws are “mean” and “hurt people’s feelings.” This is how the left thinks. All emotion. If they could have it their way, they would open the borders, let anybody in -criminals too, and subsidize the burden by taxing the rich until all are impoverished and live in a third world country. They have obviously never educated themselves on why an open door policy would NEVER work! For clarity watch the video below.

In 2011 Obama, decided to overrule the law of children being separated from their parents. As a result, the Obama Administration failed to verify the parents or relatives of thousands of children that crossed our southern border in 2011. These children were accidentally placed in the hands of sex traffickers who claimed they were a parent or relative. You see the law that liberals are losing their crap over, actually PROTECTS children. Yep. It prevents sex traffickers and drug smugglers from claiming children that are not theirs. More than often children are brought to the border by sex traffickers, or they are simply used and recycled to get adults across the border. The Trump Administration is taking the time to verify that those who claim a child to be theirs is in fact theirs. If their is suspicion that the child does not belong to those who claim, they are separated.


If an individual is seeking asylum the process takes much longer. Children are only allowed to be held for 20 days according to the law. According to the law children cannot stay in adult detainment facilities, because adult facilities put children in danger,  so they are cared for by Health and Human Services or a relative.

Putting children in with adults, who could be criminals, is not safe. Yes, I get it. It is sad that children are separated from their parents. I know that my children would cry and scream if I were separated from them. But the law is the law. And this law has been put in place to PROTECT kids. If Americans are expected to obey the law as seen in the video below, then why are we not expecting others to abide by the law?


If liberals REALLY cared about these children then they would work on implementing different laws for families, but you know what -they don’t want to. Why? Because they want to use this issue that has been around for years to now paint President Trump in a bad light. The left doesn’t want immigration reform. They want an open border and they want to keep it open for future voters. That’s why they don’t want anyone to be required to have an ID to vote. They are preying upon innocent people for votes. So while liberals scream that separating children from their families to protect children is “in humane,” I believe that Not enforcing our immigration laws is inhumane. Keeping our borders open, which encourages children to cross a desert, to then be raped or sex trafficked or murdered is inhumane. You want to be humane? Then secure the border, build the wall and pass proper immigration reform.

Build the Wall

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Why the #@%$ are we paying for this???

Did you know that there is a secret slush fund that law-makers in Congress draw from when they are accused of sexual misconduct?

Yes, this is happening. Since 1997, more than $17 million has been spent to cover these settlements! The largest number of settlements was 25, which occurred in 2007 with a settlement just over $4 million! There is also NO TRANSPARENCY! We have no idea who is being accused, who the accusers are, the specific amounts being paid out in these cases.

What is even more messed up is the accusers have to pay out of pocket on their own, while Congress has WE THE PEOPLE PAY! The accuser has to go through this long process which takes close to 180 days to complete. They are required to go through a four-step process  by the Office of Compliance. The steps include: counseling, mediation, administrative hearing or civil action, and appeals. If you don’t properly follow the steps, your claim can be dropped.

My question is WHY are we paying for this? Why has it become totally common for people in power to abuse their power? For the love- does this not expose how insanely gross the swamp is!?? Ughhhhh….get rid of all of them!

Good news though -A bill put forth last Wednesday by Rep. Jackie Speier (a Democrat from Cali. Which I think this is the first time in a looooooong time I wholeheartedly support a bill proposed by a dem). This bill would do away with the non-disclosure agreements and make congressmen pay out of their own pocket and not ours! Good! There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER why we should be bailing these guys out!

Stay tuned…….



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The great negotiator negotiated.

Trump made a deal with the Democrats, and I am not freaking out over this.

President Trump has ignored opposition from Republican leaders like McConnell and Ryan and has made a deal with Democrats to fund the US government and raise the debt limit for three months (basically kicking the can down the road for the next three months till we have another similar showdown in December) this deal also provides emergency aid for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which is understandably needed.

In order to avoid a government shutdown on September 29th, the governments borrowing must be raised and a spending bill must be passed by September 30th. Paul Ryan, said it was “ridiculous ” for Democrats to suggest a short-term increase of the debt ceiling and after the deal with the Democrats, Ryan suggested that the President wanted to avoid a partisan fight as the country faced (faces) two devastating hurricanes.

Here’s the deal…..the great negotiator negotiated. If I were repeatedly denied  accomplishing the promises I made, …….I’d find a way around them (The Establishment GOP), and that’s what Trump did. What I believe Trump did here was show GOP Establishment Leadership that he will go around them if he has to to get things done. The GOP Establishment has constantly stood in President Trump’s way in checking off the promises He made to the American people. They couldn’t repeal Obamacare, they failed at including funding of the wall in the last budget proposal, they are being wishy washy on Trump’s proposed tax reform…..these thing HAVE TO HAPPEN for Trump to win again in 2020. Republicans were hoping to advance some type of measure that would take the issue off the table until after the 2018 midterm elections. Most Conservatives oppose raising the debt limit especially if it is not accompanied by spending cuts. They also wanted a longer term deal, instead of just a three month temporary fix.

I see this temporary proposal as a smart move. Why? Well as mentioned, in December we will be in the same place, which yes-bugs the hell out of me, but it’ll be time to negotiate again and this time the Democrats are going to want to resolve DACA (The Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) as we get closer to the six month deadline Trump issued for a Congressional resolve. My prediction is that Trump will give these “dreamers” some sort of “fast track” to citizenship and they won’t be deported which appeases the Democrats. But the only way I think this happens is if the Democrats agree to a Wall, which WILL BE a hot bed issue as we head into Mid Terms in 2018.

We just witnessed a negotiation with the “Opposition.” I am sure this is causing panic on the Left, just as much as it’s causing panic on the Right. The left is supposed to HATE EVERYTHING Trump does and stand adamantly opposed regardless.

Personally I am not a “lose it all because I wouldn’t bend to get most of what I needed” kind of person, so I see the strategy in this.

These are my thoughts, but let me know yours in the comments below 🙂


The other night I rolled over in bed to turn on my 3 year old son’s video monitor, just to check him before I fell asleep. I didn’t see him when I turned it on…but then I looked more closely as my eyes adjusted……and I saw his arm. He must have been far over on one side of his bed so only his little arm was showing. As I stared at his arm….I had tears come to my eyes….because earlier that day, I saw an arm in the same shape and position as my sons, being pushed around a petri dish in Planned Parenthood’s 3rd video that had been released.

While the majority of American’s mourned the death of Cecil the lion, which of course upset me too, the selling for profit of aborted baby parts has gone widely unnoticed.

I ask myself why……why is there not MORE outrage in the fact that an organization -that our tax dollars funds- is ILLEGALLY selling aborted baby parts? Why is it that a LION, takes presidency in news coverage and outrage OVER babies?

Is it because being outraged about a LION doesn’t have to make you pick a side on the political aisle?

I have had Pro-life liberals tell me that they vote Democrat (which can now also be called “socialist” because the head of the Democratic Party, doesn’t know how to decipher between the two-but that is a whole other blog) because abortion is a social issue….and they don’t let social issues determine their vote. Well……let me just tell you….46 Democratic Senators voted yesterday to continue to fund Planned Parenthood -which means continuing to give federal funds to an organization that illegally sells aborted baby parts. If you voted for one of these Senators that means….this IS okay with you. Because those Senators ARE YOUR voice, and if you are voting for them, then you are suring up the fact this barbaric behavior continues.

In September, Obama (who by the way supported killing a baby if it survives a botched abortion while he served in the Senate) and Congress will find themselves in a debate over the funding for the “Health and Family-Planning Organization,” which gives over 500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood a year. The possibility of a government shutdown on October 1 is looking like it could be a possibility if the House and Senate do not pass a bill that keeps the government funded. But Republicans are saying that they WILL NOT support a bill that continues to fund Planned Parenthood…..if they don’t support a bill, then the government will shut down.

I say…….. SHUT IT DOWN!

Yep…..because all of this “proposing” of bills to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood is often just show boating. If the Republicans REALLY want to take a stand, then I say exercise the CONSTITUTIONAL authority that has been given to them and utilize the Power of the Purse!

Now if you are going to argue that shutting down the government is going to cause mass pandemonium….I would just like to remind you the majority of the government shuts down over every single weekend and on holidays….and, you guessed it-we survive. Sometimes you have to take that leap for the greater good and I think stopping the illegal sales of aborted baby parts for profit….is WORTH that leap!

Also….women would be just fine without Planned Parenthood, because we have Obama Care now….and Obama Care covers everyone that can’t afford healthcare…..soooooooo


A Congress For the People…By the People….ummmm not so much…… #TransPacificPartnership #TPA

The Senate voted to give Obama “fast track” powers to passing the “Trans Pacific Partnership Bill” on Friday with a vote of 62 to 37.

On a day we celebrate those who have fallen to protect our individual liberties, I find it extremely concerning that our Senate would pass a bill-now headed to the House that completely shuts out WE THE PEOPLE!

What is the TPP? In short it is a bill that gives Obama accelerated authority to enter into a trade agreement with Pacific Rim countries -known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Sounds harmless right? I mean why am I flipping out over this?

Well, for starters WE THE PEOPLE are not allowed to know anything about it-that’s right ……did I time warp to the USSR!???

“For any senator who wants to study the draft TPP language, it has been made available in the basement of the Capitol, inside a secure, soundproof room. There, lawmakers surrender their cellphones and other mobile devices. Any notes taken inside the room must be left in the room.” NPR.org. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? So wait a minute a Senator, who is to represent WE THE PEOPLE, can’t tell WE THE PEOPLE what’s in the Bill that they have now decided to pass???

This bill also includes TPA: Trade Promotion Authority which says Obama can submit a trade deal to Congress for an up or down vote with limited debate AND Congress can’t amend it, taking power away from Congress is taking power away from YOU and ME!

The Obama administration is keeping the information of the Bill in total secret, and prohibiting ANY discussion of the bill. Obama then is asking those that are critics of the Bill (Democrat Elizabeth Warren-who proposed a bill to disclose the info in the TPP to the public so that WE THE PEOPLE can know what’s in it, fyi: which was rejected) to name specifics of why they are critics of it………….ummmm hello, they can’t name specifics because they are being prohibited to speak specifically about it! Honestly!!! Have I entered Communist China??? Have I…..is this all a horrible dream??

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said: “There is more access in most cases to CIA and Defense Department and Iran sanctions documents — better access to congressional staff and others — than for this trade agreement.”

This isn’t a partisan issue….this isn’t Republicans vs Democrats issue here….this is a violation of the Americans Rights to transparency!

Please…..for the love, don’t tell me that you trust our government to make the right call here!

I don’t care if this bill is about picking apples off an apple tree-WE THE PEOPLE should KNOW WHAT’S IN IT!!!!

For your info, these are the guys in the Senate that voted to give Obama MORE power and voted FOR the Trade Bill…..huh….I wonder what the House will do??

Tpp Bill