This is what happens when I find wigs in my basement……. 

As I am putting away Fall decorations to get out Christmas decorations in my basement, I came across a box of wigs.  My last two videos have entailed them, and I am not gonna lie, it was hard to keep a straight face when I had them on. They totally brought out my days of character acting and I gotta say….this could become a trend here at Conservative Momma.

I thought I’d share the last couple videos I shot, because I keep hearing my videos aren’t showing up on people’s feeds.

The first one addresses how “Third Wave Feminism AND Political Correctness have ruined dating.” I mean let’s be honest…..with all these sexual allegations taking place, the good guys I know, are terrified at this point to even talk to women!

and the second

“Your typical holiday meal.” Thanksgiving is over. Now we enter full blown holiday season, where if you are like me- you are going to be around people that vehemently disagree with you when it comes to politics. I had a distant relative write me and tell me I was “full of hate” so I had to throw that line into this video. My policy is – if I know I am around open minded people, I’ll talk politics….if not I don’t engage.

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How Political Correctness & 3rd Wave Feminism have ruined dating….


Typical Holiday Meal….


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