The great negotiator negotiated.

Trump made a deal with the Democrats, and I am not freaking out over this.

President Trump has ignored opposition from Republican leaders like McConnell and Ryan and has made a deal with Democrats to fund the US government and raise the debt limit for three months (basically kicking the can down the road for the next three months till we have another similar showdown in December) this deal also provides emergency aid for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which is understandably needed.

In order to avoid a government shutdown on September 29th, the governments borrowing must be raised and a spending bill must be passed by September 30th. Paul Ryan, said it was β€œridiculous ” for Democrats to suggest a short-term increase of the debt ceiling and after the deal with the Democrats, Ryan suggested that the President wanted to avoid a partisan fight as the country faced (faces) two devastating hurricanes.

Here’s the deal…..the great negotiator negotiated. If I were repeatedly denied  accomplishing the promises I made, …….I’d find a way around them (The Establishment GOP), and that’s what Trump did. What I believe Trump did here was show GOP Establishment Leadership that he will go around them if he has to to get things done. The GOP Establishment has constantly stood in President Trump’s way in checking off the promises He made to the American people. They couldn’t repeal Obamacare, they failed at including funding of the wall in the last budget proposal, they are being wishy washy on Trump’s proposed tax reform…..these thing HAVE TO HAPPEN for Trump to win again in 2020. Republicans were hoping to advance some type of measure that would take the issue off the table until after the 2018 midterm elections. Most Conservatives oppose raising the debt limit especially if it is not accompanied by spending cuts. They also wanted a longer term deal, instead of just a three month temporary fix.

I see this temporary proposal as a smart move. Why? Well as mentioned, in December we will be in the same place, which yes-bugs the hell out of me, but it’ll be time to negotiate again and this time the Democrats are going to want to resolve DACA (The Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) as we get closer to the six month deadline Trump issued for a Congressional resolve. My prediction is that Trump will give these “dreamers” some sort of “fast track” to citizenship and they won’t be deported which appeases the Democrats. But the only way I think this happens is if the Democrats agree to a Wall, which WILL BE a hot bed issue as we head into Mid Terms in 2018.

We just witnessed a negotiation with the “Opposition.” I am sure this is causing panic on the Left, just as much as it’s causing panic on the Right. The left is supposed to HATE EVERYTHING Trump does and stand adamantly opposed regardless.

Personally I am not a “lose it all because I wouldn’t bend to get most of what I needed” kind of person, so I see the strategy in this.

These are my thoughts, but let me know yours in the comments below πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “The great negotiator negotiated.

  1. You put my thoughts into words, Momma. Here’s the thing, I completely expect the Democrats to hate and block everything the president tries to accomplish with their dying breath. But I am so sick of these establishment Republicans that won’t lift a finger to help him. I had not thought about what might happen come December, but for now I put my trust in President Trump and continue to support him and pray for him daily.

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  2. I like this for the reason I like Trump, he is not married to the party, in essence he is a third party candidate and it shows strength of character to get things done, especially if it is taking a unique approach.

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  3. Love your blog! Trump is a very smart businessman. I agree with your analysis on the reason he went “left” when everyone was expecting him to stay “right”.

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  4. If you look at Trump’s career then it should be obvious that he will never lay down and let an opponent walk all over him. He will play both sides, make each look foolish and inept, and get his way in the end. If he doesn’t get his way, the American people will be informed as to where the fault is.

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  5. I agree with you completely….Donald Trump is a savy business man…he will get the job done with whoever he has to work with…I am so ashamed of the Republicans that will not work with him to Make America Great Again. We definitely need term limits an vote these old Rinos out…on the right an the left.

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