When you talk about the Wall with a Liberal.

It’s been waaaaaaay to long since I have blogged! The holidays honestly took up every free moment I had! Baking cookies, Christmas shopping, parties, school parties, Christmas cards….. etc! To be honest, I don’t mind the quietness of January. I know a lot of people get the blues, but I don’t. I get excited for the year ahead. I love setting goals, and I love having more free to time to do what I love. With that said, it’s good to be able to start shooting more videos, getting back to blogging, and doing more speaking engagements.

I wanted to share one of my latest videos with you all.

Right now, for those who have been living under a rock – we are experiencing a Government Shutdown. Democrats are refusing to secure our border. They think that sex trafficking, the influx of gangs, and illegal drug smuggling into our country should be of no concern. Which is odd, because Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, ALL wanted to secure our border just years ago. In fact here is Barack Obama in 2005 and in 2010 saying EXACTLY what Trump is saying now!


So why do these Politicians now oppose securing our border? Trump. Their hatred for President Trump supersedes protecting PEOPLE. That’s right PEOPLE. Because it’s not Americans, but primarily Mexican and Central American children that are the victims of sex trafficking due to our open border.

These political hacks KNOW that Trump, unlike other politicians, KEEPS his campaign promises, and a Wall was one of his primary promises. Trump made that promise because he WANTS to protect PEOPLE.

Liberals keep screaming: “We don’t need a wall!” “Walls are immoral!” “Wall don’t work!” If walls don’t work, do prisoners voluntarily stay in prisons? If wall are immoral, why does the Pope live behind one?

So….you know me, I had to shoot a video on this . So here’s “when you talk about the wall with a liberal,” enjoy!

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STOP the @#$% ‘ing SPENDING!!!

Okay I said it under Obama and I gotta say it while a President that I totally love and support is in the Oval Office too —-For the LOVE STOP THE SPENDING!!!!!!

Last night while we were all sleeping a government Shut Down occurred, it was the shortest government shut down ever -less than 6 hours, from 12:01am EST last night to about 5:30am EST this morning. The House then passed a two-year budget deal that earlier passed the Senate with only 16 Republicans voting against it. They passed it 240-186 with 67 Republicans voting against it.

Here’s what’s in the deal according to MarketWatch:

Spending caps are raised by about $300 billion over two years. Military spending would be raised by $80 billion in the current fiscal year and by $85 billion next year.

• Nondefense spending would increase by $63 billion in this fiscal year, which ends in September. Next year it would increase by $68 billion.

• The debt limit would be suspended through March 2019, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That would put another vote well past this year’s midterm elections.

• $20 billion to “augment” infrastructure programs including surface transportation and rural water and wastewater systems, according to Schumer.

• $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic.

• $4 billion for rebuilding veterans’ hospitals.

• $4 billion for college affordability programs aimed at helping police officers, teachers and firefighters.

• $90 billion in disaster aid for Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

• Repeals Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, which is designed to control Medicare costs.


This Bill adds 1.5 TRILLION to our National Debt over the course of Ten YEARS! The Bill increases spending 21%!!! Honestly-what if you or I increased our household spending by 21% with NO ADDITIONAL INCOME coming in!??? Republicans want to spend for Military, Democrats want to increase spending for Welfare! So what do these guys do, just INCREASE spending across the BOARD AND it’s straight up INSANITY!!!

You have to watch the first few Minutes of Rand Paul’s Speech here, he NAILS it and I am right there with him on this!

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The great negotiator negotiated.

Trump made a deal with the Democrats, and I am not freaking out over this.

President Trump has ignored opposition from Republican leaders like McConnell and Ryan and has made a deal with Democrats to fund the US government and raise the debt limit for three months (basically kicking the can down the road for the next three months till we have another similar showdown in December) this deal also provides emergency aid for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which is understandably needed.

In order to avoid a government shutdown on September 29th, the governments borrowing must be raised and a spending bill must be passed by September 30th. Paul Ryan, said it was “ridiculous ” for Democrats to suggest a short-term increase of the debt ceiling and after the deal with the Democrats, Ryan suggested that the President wanted to avoid a partisan fight as the country faced (faces) two devastating hurricanes.

Here’s the deal…..the great negotiator negotiated. If I were repeatedly denied  accomplishing the promises I made, …….I’d find a way around them (The Establishment GOP), and that’s what Trump did. What I believe Trump did here was show GOP Establishment Leadership that he will go around them if he has to to get things done. The GOP Establishment has constantly stood in President Trump’s way in checking off the promises He made to the American people. They couldn’t repeal Obamacare, they failed at including funding of the wall in the last budget proposal, they are being wishy washy on Trump’s proposed tax reform…..these thing HAVE TO HAPPEN for Trump to win again in 2020. Republicans were hoping to advance some type of measure that would take the issue off the table until after the 2018 midterm elections. Most Conservatives oppose raising the debt limit especially if it is not accompanied by spending cuts. They also wanted a longer term deal, instead of just a three month temporary fix.

I see this temporary proposal as a smart move. Why? Well as mentioned, in December we will be in the same place, which yes-bugs the hell out of me, but it’ll be time to negotiate again and this time the Democrats are going to want to resolve DACA (The Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) as we get closer to the six month deadline Trump issued for a Congressional resolve. My prediction is that Trump will give these “dreamers” some sort of “fast track” to citizenship and they won’t be deported which appeases the Democrats. But the only way I think this happens is if the Democrats agree to a Wall, which WILL BE a hot bed issue as we head into Mid Terms in 2018.

We just witnessed a negotiation with the “Opposition.” I am sure this is causing panic on the Left, just as much as it’s causing panic on the Right. The left is supposed to HATE EVERYTHING Trump does and stand adamantly opposed regardless.

Personally I am not a “lose it all because I wouldn’t bend to get most of what I needed” kind of person, so I see the strategy in this.

These are my thoughts, but let me know yours in the comments below 🙂

I will speak for those who can not speak

I was in my first Trimester when the videos started coming out on Planned Parenthood and exposing how the organization sells unborn baby parts, illegally. I watched the videos of how they would pick apart a baby the same size as the one growing inside of me. I watched them talk about how different organs would be worth more than others. I watched them poke at a baby inside a petri dish….the exact same size of the baby safe within me was at the time.

I have recently had those I know come out in defense of Planned Parenthood, stating that that’s not all the organization is  about and that they are ‘good’ and really help a lot of women out. They take the outrage at Planned Parenthood personally….because they have been effected in a positive way by the organization.

Well as I write this I feel the baby inside my womb moving away. A kick here, a kick there…..and yes, it is personal.

We are a society of me. Me first. ME, ME, ME. Selflessness is a foreign concept. Self is the primary focus in our world.

“It’s all about you.”

I am an advocate for Individual Rights but what about the individual rights of the baby inside of me? Does he or she have rights, or are they just reserved for me?

At this point in my pregnancy (17 weeks), I could get an abortion no questions asked. Right now my baby is formed-eyes, ears, legs, arms, nose, mouth, all vital organs functioning….but he/she doesn’t have a say because….. why? Because of me? Why are my needs put above the needs of that of the life within me? Why is my life more valuable than the one growing inside of me? What makes me superior? Who is the judge of superiority? Is it because I don’t depend on another for my existence? If this were the case than I am superior to anyone with a pace maker, or on life support, or anyone who needs a transplant.

Why do I trump the life of the baby within me?

Because our broken, lost, hurting and confused society says so.

But my truth isn’t found in society. My moral compass isn’t found in the news, what a celebrity says, what my friends say, what the pundits say, what the polls say, what the President says, what the Pope says, what my Pastor says, what my parents say, or even what I say…..


My truth is found in what God says. He says: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” He knew I was going to exist and he knows of every life that has existed and that is going to exist. Whether that life exists for a long or short period of time…..but it is not for us to take innocent life, ever.

Planned Parenthood may have helped lots of women with contraception, healthcare needs and so forth….but they have also taken a lot of life. Millions of lives.

It goes against every moral fiber in my being to have any part of this. Allowing my tax dollars to fund an organization that takes life…..but not just that….sells the lives of those they have taken. There is the looming threat that Obama will shut down the government in the next few weeks, if Congress does not continue funding Planned Parenthood…..I say shut it down!

With Obamacare in effect -all healthcare needs that Planned Parenthood provides are now covered, there is no need to continue funding an organization that dismembers and sells aborted babies for profit.

Your experience with Planned Parenthood might have been great……but what if you had the chance to ask the 327,000 babies aborted last year by Planned Parenthood what their experience was like?

They had/have souls….

You see, I can speak for myself, I can yell, I can shout and I can let my voice be heard……but what of those who can not speak?


The other night I rolled over in bed to turn on my 3 year old son’s video monitor, just to check him before I fell asleep. I didn’t see him when I turned it on…but then I looked more closely as my eyes adjusted……and I saw his arm. He must have been far over on one side of his bed so only his little arm was showing. As I stared at his arm….I had tears come to my eyes….because earlier that day, I saw an arm in the same shape and position as my sons, being pushed around a petri dish in Planned Parenthood’s 3rd video that had been released.

While the majority of American’s mourned the death of Cecil the lion, which of course upset me too, the selling for profit of aborted baby parts has gone widely unnoticed.

I ask myself why……why is there not MORE outrage in the fact that an organization -that our tax dollars funds- is ILLEGALLY selling aborted baby parts? Why is it that a LION, takes presidency in news coverage and outrage OVER babies?

Is it because being outraged about a LION doesn’t have to make you pick a side on the political aisle?

I have had Pro-life liberals tell me that they vote Democrat (which can now also be called “socialist” because the head of the Democratic Party, doesn’t know how to decipher between the two-but that is a whole other blog) because abortion is a social issue….and they don’t let social issues determine their vote. Well……let me just tell you….46 Democratic Senators voted yesterday to continue to fund Planned Parenthood -which means continuing to give federal funds to an organization that illegally sells aborted baby parts. If you voted for one of these Senators that means….this IS okay with you. Because those Senators ARE YOUR voice, and if you are voting for them, then you are suring up the fact this barbaric behavior continues.

In September, Obama (who by the way supported killing a baby if it survives a botched abortion while he served in the Senate) and Congress will find themselves in a debate over the funding for the “Health and Family-Planning Organization,” which gives over 500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood a year. The possibility of a government shutdown on October 1 is looking like it could be a possibility if the House and Senate do not pass a bill that keeps the government funded. But Republicans are saying that they WILL NOT support a bill that continues to fund Planned Parenthood…..if they don’t support a bill, then the government will shut down.

I say…….. SHUT IT DOWN!

Yep…..because all of this “proposing” of bills to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood is often just show boating. If the Republicans REALLY want to take a stand, then I say exercise the CONSTITUTIONAL authority that has been given to them and utilize the Power of the Purse!

Now if you are going to argue that shutting down the government is going to cause mass pandemonium….I would just like to remind you the majority of the government shuts down over every single weekend and on holidays….and, you guessed it-we survive. Sometimes you have to take that leap for the greater good and I think stopping the illegal sales of aborted baby parts for profit….is WORTH that leap!

Also….women would be just fine without Planned Parenthood, because we have Obama Care now….and Obama Care covers everyone that can’t afford healthcare…..soooooooo