How did Trump win?

I have been fairly quiet since the election results on Tuesday, which came as a shock to many receiving their news from the main stream media. I have watched people I really kinda liked, throw total fits. I have witnessed name calling of those who voted for Trump-morons, fu@%ing idiots and so forth. I have been un-followed and unfriended. #NotMyPresident a trending hashtag on Twitter. We are now witnessing the tolerance of the left on full display as they riot in the streets, beat up Trump supporters, and burn the American Flag. We are seeing petitioning to overthrow the Electoral College, we are watching millennials have complete emotional breakdowns unable to take midterm exams because they are convinced America just elected Hitler. I am seeing the horrible side of humanity right now, a side I want to un-see.

The media got it wrong, Hollywood got it wrong, and the polls got it wrong. Hillary was supposed to win this thing in a landslide. Throughout this election I witnessed an insanely biased media. I observed poll samplings always weighted heavily on democrats. I watched the entertainment industry mock Trump at every chance they got.

It was Trump vs. The world, and Trump won.


How did this happen? Why did this happen?

Most don’t want to know why, they are just angry and want to stay angry. If you really want to know, I’ll tell you.

The left nominated a corrupt elitist.

An elitist that was under FBI investigation and will most likely still need to receive a pardon in order to not go to JAIL. I have been screaming this from the rooftops in blog after blog. The media, who has gotten EVERYTHING WRONG, portrayed HILLARY WRONG.

Ignoring all the red flags, the media focused heavily on the fact that we could have a WOMAN PRESIDENT. That the highest of all glass ceilings would be broken. Disregarding the life of scandal and corruption that Hillary has led. I get you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. If  you have to lie under oath, allow FOUR Americans to die in Benghazi, Rig your own Primary, break the law by destroying subpoenaed evidence with hammers, Delete 33,000 emails that BELONG to WE the American People, cheat by receiving Presidential debate questions early, Incite Riots at your opponents Rallies, Run a slush fund to get filthy rich in your pay for play activities as Secretary of State…… are corrupt. Plain and simple. There is just no other way to lay it out.

No accomplishment in women’s rights was going to be made here, and the American people knew this. I as a woman would love to see a woman president, but I want to vote for a woman that I know got there the right way. America wasn’t voting on gender this election cycle, they were voting on NEED. Many of those angered by Trump’s win, don’t understand the needs of Americans right now. They are living comfortably, able to take yearly vacations and are not really stretched financially. But for most of America right now, the struggle is REAL. Americans were willing to be called racists, misogynists, bigots, etc in order to see real change. They were willing to endure the ridicule and hatred spewed by the left in order to alleviate their families everyday burdens.

Trump spoke right to the heart of America. He spoke to those living paycheck to paycheck. He spoke to those who have been hit hard by Obamacare. He spoke to the men and women who haven’t seen a raise in years, years! He spoke to the single moms and single dads straining to pay the bills each month. He spoke to the silent majority of Americans. Hillary instead courted  Hollywood. Hillary banked on Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry and  Lady Gaga to thrust her into her coronation. But the AMERICAN people can’t relate to these celebs. These entertainers are also part of Hillary’s elite class. They have no idea what a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas costs. These people are millionaires who hang out with millionaires….they don’t know the pains of everyday Americans.

Besides investing in Hollywood, Hillary’s campaign played the same card played every election cycle. The tactic of calling someone “racist, misogynist, bigots, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic” if they disagree with you. No room for discussion just name call to shut down all dialogue.  Only this time Americans saw this tactic from a mile away and did not fall in line. Why? Because if you know you are not any of these horrible things mentioned, it doesn’t stick. You sluff it off and keep moving on, and that’s what Americans did. They trudged on through the name calling, persecution, ridicule, slander and elected a guy that wants to clean house in DC. A guy that is not taking a salary while he is President. A guy that is NOT a politician, a guy that wants to pass Term Limits, a guy for the people and not the big donors and special interests groups. A guy that wants to Make America Great Again.

Is Trump perfect? No. Does he have faults? Yes. But we knew we weren’t electing a “best friend,” we were electing someone that was going to make some real changes! Changes that HAVE TO BE MADE.

To every individual out there angry, upset, and outraged by Trump’s election…..I say give him a chance. The media told you how wrong Trump was for America…..but the media has yet to get the Truth right.


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