Of all the Wikileaks email leaks, this one to me exposes the most:

I get trolled everyday by some pro Hillary supporter, trying to refute anything I say. Usually the conversation ends in them calling me a moron, idiot, racist, and some other words I shouldn’t type. Oddly, the last couple days have been quiet. Strangely quiet. I don’t for a second wonder why….I know why.

Let’s face it, investigative journalism is dead. The media, now owned by the Global Elite, pimp out journalists to peddle their verbal propaganda. The naive, who sit down and watch the nightly news, or their favorite late night talk show host, believe what they are told. If the news said it, well by God it must be true!

Many across Europe during- WWII, watched trains pull up and load millions of Jewish people onto them. Documents show that the majority of the Jewish people did not know where they were going or what their destination was, and those watching this occur, most likely didn’t know either….but nobody did anything to stop this from happening! Those watching were unaware and compliant and believed whatever the paper reported to them at the time.

The Global Elite never planned on the internet. They didn’t plan on millions of  Americans being able to get their news from other sources. The fact that someone can tweet something on the other side of the world and I can read that tweet instantly wasn’t fathomable just years ago. Times have changed, and even the most uninformed can get informed if they want to. Though the main stream media is “owned”  if you want truth, you can find it, you just have to search for it.

If we are going to be honest, during this election-Wikileaks has been dubbed the primary fact based investigative news source, exposing corruption one day at a time. The latest email dump on the Clinton campaign is damning, quite literally damning. Instead, of reporting the insanely shocking and criminal information that is being released by Wikileaks about Hillary and her campaign, the main stream media focuses on allegations of women, who had years and years prior to come forward and accuse the billionaire Donald Trump of some sexual advances, but instead waited till three weeks before an election. It’s like “look at the shiny light Americans, and ignore the man-eating lion to your left!”

Wikileaks, an organization whose sole focus is to expose corruption in government was able to hack into John Podesta’s emails. Podesta is the Chairman for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign and a true D.C. insider. The emails expose, corruption, lies, plots, and shine a light on the hypocrisy of what Hillary touts on the campaign trail versus what she does and says in private.

Here’s just some information gathered from the endless Podesta emails, it keeps coming too…this isn’t over yet:

  1. Hillary Dreams of “Open Trade and Open Borders” -that’s Globalism folks! A country without borders IS NOT A COUNTRY!
  2. The Clinton campaign coordinated with a Super PAC. A political Action Committee, is NOT ALLOWED under ANY circumstances to communicate with the campaign! I have worked on both Congressional and Senate races and if we were to communicate with our PACs, we’d be out of the race!
  3. Her campaign uses the term “needy latinos” -classy right, not racist at all 😉
  4. Her campaign wanted to use White House Executive privilege to hide Hillary’s emails while Secretary of State, because you aren’t allowed to delete emails because they belong to US -we the people, because she WORKS FOR US!  But who cares….she deleted 30,000 any way.
  5. Journalists are working for the Clinton Campaign-so like I said, you can not trust the media, they are WORKING for Hillary!!!
  6. They DO want to implement executive action on Gun Control, because we the people are dumb and need to be ruled by those that are more elite and wiser than us.
  7. Clinton armed Libyan Rebels, which turned out to be radical Islamic Terrorists-brilliant foreign policy there Hillary! (sarcasm-a helluva lot of sarcasm)
  8. Brain washing the Catholic Church with progressive teachings- sadly this has been happening for a while.
  9. The Clinton Campaign quite possibly knew about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Death prior. Whaaaaat!? Yes, I know Banana Republic right!
  10. Hillary boasts of her great relationship with Wall Street and the Big Banks in Private Speeches but slams Wall Street & the banks in public. Oh soooo trustworthy!
  11. The Clinton Campaign’s goal is to “create a compliant and unaware citizenry.”

I knew Hillary was corrupt. I have watched and studied her life of corruption. These are just a few of the numerous things exposed in these emails, but it’s the last one that gets me…..more than any of the others. Why? Because history is repeating itself. So many people I know, are unaware and compliant. They don’t know about the Wikileaks Emails, and they don’t care……AND that’s exactly where Hillary wants them to be!!! But, as I mentioned earlier….it’s gone quiet….I am praying this silence is due to the fact that truth has gotten a hold of those who refused to see it beforehand. I am praying that the blindfold of unaware and compliant be removed- and the American people begin to SEE what is at stake, what the agenda at hand is, and stand up to the Global Elite!

Pray, make phone calls, knock on doors and pray some more!

Wake up from your slumber AMERICANS, we’ve got a country to save!


2 thoughts on “Of all the Wikileaks email leaks, this one to me exposes the most:

  1. Thank you for doing your part to get the word out! I live outside of Baltimore and stopped getting the local paper (Baltimore Sun) years ago, decades actually. It may as well be called the Democrat Times. They are unabashedly biased. And yet, apparently they have enough readers to stay in business. How is that? I wish I knew, but I think it’s either laziness on the part of We the People – so much easier to read the paper over coffee than to dig deep on the internet – or we’re just too trusting, many people still believe in the impartiality of the media. Either way I think we’re well on the way to a compliant and unaware citizenry, and this scares me. I look at my grandchildren and I wonder what’s in store for them if we don’t turn things around.

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