I just need clarification here….

Ok, wait….I am slightly confused and I could use some clarity….so just bare with me for a moment here folks.

Earlier today, an audio clip was released of Trump speaking inappropriately about a woman with Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush, who mind you – is a member of the Globalist Bush Family.

Trump was talking crudely about a woman. He was telling another guy, in private, about how he tried to hook up with a woman.

OMG Right! Like seriously….call 9-1-1!

Because I have never talked inappropriately about a guy with one of my girlfriends in private and I am sure no woman out there has ever said anything to a friend about a man that they were attracted to in private.

The mainstream media is implying Trump cheated on Melania, umm…no, to clarify he was telling a story, something that happened in the PAST. Okay, it was inappropriate. Okay it was vulgar. Okay, he shouldn’t have said it. Okay.

Now EVERY politico is weighing in. Saying how terrible it is that a guy talked sexually about a woman (because we aren’t sexual beings)!

So….what do you do, when you say something you shouldn’t have said?

You apologize.

Trump apologized.

It’s almost weird to have someone that is involved in politics say, “hey sorry, I shouldn’t have said it.” Because….politicians, deny deny deny until they just can’t deny.

It blows my mind that Trump is the only one in the world to ever say something crude, crass or vulgar! I honestly had no idea we were living in a world full of Saints.

I mean Hillary has never said anything inappropriate (wink wink wink…never ending wink) I mean she never bragged about getting a RAPIST of a 12 year old girl off the hook with 2 months time served while she was a lawyer (all on tape and recorded) .

I am greatly entertained at the media talking about how Trump’s remarks were “un-presidential” yet Bill Clinton, having oral sex with a woman other than his wife -in the Oval Office- while President of the United States IS….. Presidential??? I mean seriously folks….seriously….

Bill just denied it and he for sure never apologized…never came clean!

You see that’s where I need the clarification….

Because when Trump said these comments, he wasn’t running for office. He was just a guy, talking to another guy.

When Hillary said the things here below, about her defense of a rapist of a 12 year old little girl, she wasn’t running for office either:


So you just have to ask yourself.

Do we hold every word accountable that is uttered from Hillary or Trump’s mouth prior to running for President?

If your answer is yes….which is worse?


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