I am awake.

Every one has gone to bed and I am up. There are 45 days left to go until the General Election. You might be thinking, ” is this all this chick thinks about?” And I’d say…..right now, “yes.” Not because I am passionate about politics -which I am, but because everything is at stake. This is not a “oh well, try again in another four years election.” This election literally hangs in the balance the future of America, and with that my children’s future.

Right now, I feel like I can’t do enough. Say enough. Convince enough. Debate enough. Desperately trying to get people to understand that the America we know and love could be gone soon, if we don’t stop the Globalist agenda at play. Your individual liberty, your Amendment rights, the land of the free, home of the brave -gone. This does not exist in a Globalist world. America doesn’t exist.

Trump wasn’t expected.

He has completely thrown the Globalist plan that had been set in motion. He has uprooted a design which was orchestrated years and years ago. A plan for globalization, the end of America and the beginning of a new order. Both parties victim to this plan, both parties at fault, and both parties involved. Trump, knowingly or unknowingly has stepped in front of the train that was set to derail our individual freedoms.

This has set mass hysteria to the powers at play. The media, owned by these powers, has gone on full attack on Trump. Blanketing him in a coat of racism. Globalists are funding a program to register Americans living abroad to vote for Hillary. The immigration department is rushing citizenship to those who will vote for Hillary. Hollywood is in a meltdown and the heavy hitters in this New Order are in full panic mode.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. How has this happened? November 8th was to be Hillary’s coronation. She was supposed to run away with this race, it was to be hers in a landslide. She has taken money from these globalists, she has ensured them a win…..

Having the media against him. Hollywood against him, and the vast majority of D.C. against him, Trump has trudged on. I can honestly only contribute this to the grace of God and the prayers of believers. This person, who I really don’t even think knows the powers at play, has made it to the nomination. While the media stands ready to pounce on every word uttered from Trump’s mouth, and ignores the criminal activity of the their nominee, I stay awake.

I might close an eye, but I am awake. I am praying, I am waiting, and I am believing, that with every blog, or post, or conversation-one more individual is awakened to what is at stake. A vote for Trump is a vote to keep America what she was birthed to be.

Stay awake with me. Speak with me. Debate with me. Persuade with me. Believe with me…..

One thought on “I am awake.

  1. I believe with you! I am awake and praying!
    By God’s merciful grace, Donald J Trump will be elected the 45th President of the United States of America! Until then, We will stay awake, keep praying and encourage each other to encourage others to keep fighting the good fight! God, Bless America!

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