Hillary blames Trump……ummm seriously?

Earlier today Hillary stood in front of Press and talked about the bombings over the weekend in NJ and NY. On Saturday a garbage can exploded near the starting line of a charity run for the Marine Corps in Sea Side Park, New Jersey and a second bomb in the Chelsea neighborhood of NY City that injured 29 people. Another bomb was later found in NY, NY that had not detonated.

The suspect’s name in this whole thing is Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old  who was born in Afghanistan and is a naturalized U.S. citizen, who is now in custody.

Hillary used this opportunity to drill Trump. She accused Trump  of recruiting these terrorist because of his rhetoric. Yep, you can’t make this stuff up.

Trump spoke out in 2015, about putting a hold on Muslim immigrants entering our country in regards to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. This hold was suggested until those entering our country could be properly vetted. All or our top intelligence officials from both the FBI and CIA have stated that we are unable to properly vet the Syrian Refugees at this time, makes sense right. I mean if there were a bunch of robberies taking place in your neighborhood, you might be more prone to locking the doors at night. Trump basically said, let’s lock the doors until these terrorist attacks subside. What a concept huh, protecting Americans…..

I literally could not believe it when Hillary tried to pin these recent attacks on Trump. Really? I mean seriously? Trump wanting to protect Americans is recruitment for terrorism according to Hillary. This is insanity!

Can somebody let Hillary know that Trump had nothing to do with September 11th 2011?

Can somebody let Hillary know Trump had nothing to do with Forth Hood?

Can somebody let Hillary know that Trump had nothing to do with San Bernadino?

Can somebody let Hillary know that Trump had nothing to do with the Boston Bombing?

And the numerous others mentioned here.

You know who is responsible for these attacks over the weekend: radicalized Islamic Ideology. And, you know what-Radical Islamic Terrorist, didn’t start attacking people when Trump announced his Presidency. Radical Islamic Terrorists don’t care who is in charge, they want Americans dead! Securing our borders and properly vetting those entering our country is the ONLY way to keep Americans safe. Hillary wants open borders, this means an increase of bad people coming to America with BAD intentions, there is really no other way to view this.

Hillary can slap a “humanitarian” sticker on our immigration policies, but this is essentially just playing Russian Roulette with your loved ones.

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