No, Trump’s Childcare plan is not Socialism.

I have been combing through a lot of Conservative sites over the past few days, since Ivanka and Donald Trump introduced their plan for affordable childcare. For some reason, a few  Conservatives say this plan is Socialistic in nature. Can I just say lending a helping hand, to hard working Middle Class Americans is NOT socialism. This plan does not take from haves to give to have nots in order to make this happen. There is no redistribution of wealth taking place here.

Come on Conservatives! We are the party that supports families. We believe in families. We believe in hard work. We believe in investing in our future generations, this plan entails these beliefs.

I broke the plan into 5 components, here it is:

1. This Affordable Childcare Plan, rewrites the tax code.

  • Allowing working parents to deduct from their income taxes childcare expenses for up to 4 children & elderly dependents.
  • An earned Income Tax Credit is given to lower income families not paying Income Tax.
  • Same option for STAY AT HOME parents…..whaaaaat…..ummm yes!
  • Individuals earning more than 250k a year (500K jointly) do not qualify.
  • For example: A family earning 70,000 with roughly 7k in childcare expenses would save $840. That’s 840 dollars the government doesn’t get!

     2. Establishes “Dependent Care Savings Accounts” DCSA’S.

  • This is created to help families set aside extra money to foster their child’s development and helps with caring for adult dependents.
  • These accounts are tax free and allow for tax deductible contributions.
  • Can be used for childcare, after school enrichment, and school tuition.
  • Govt. will help Lower Income families by matching 1/2 of the 1st 1000 deposited.

3. Addresses the excess Federal Regulation of Childcare. 

  • Let’s say you are a single mom who works a night shift as a Nurse. You do not use your federally regulated childcare….and you shouldn’t have to in order to qualify for this plan!
  • Allows parents to choose what is best for their families situations.

4. Adds incentives to businesses to provide childcare at the workplace. 

  • Creates a closer family bond if you get to see your children throughout the day.

5. 6 weeks of paid maternity leave. 

  • This is not paid for by raising taxes, but instead will be paid for by identifying the gross waste that is taking place in government, once identified- use the money found (that is currently being wasted) to fund this plan.

This plan is not designed for those who aren’t working. This is for those who ARE working hard. For those who get up every day and WORK to provide for their families.

I think so many are so used to hearing politicians talk and talk and talk, that when a business man comes a long, hear’s the problem and comes up with a solution….people don’t know what to think…..

The above is a solution. If we want to solve the problems we face, that means providing solutions!

Liberals “solve” problems by raising taxes, which is just a temporary band-aid.  Conservatives find the waste. Trump wants to find the waste and make the plan a reality. There are literally billions of dollars of waste in government each year. Business minded individuals demand results, it’s their nature.

Find the waste, get results.

Problems solved.


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