Author tells Conservative Momma, “Why Trump.”

This next clip hits the nail on the head of how the Silent Majority of Americans are hurting and effected daily by the liberal policies being implemented by our current administration. The main stream media glosses over the outcomes of government over-reach, and it’s direct impact on the middle class. Hillary, a woman who has never created a job, claims she can fix our economy……? With a labor participation rate of 62.8%…..folks, that’s a lot of people NOT working!

This clip falls perfectly on Labor Day, a day dedicated to the economic achievements of American workers. With more and more Americans out of work, small businesses closing their doors because of increased government regulation, and the numbers increasing of those dependent on government assistance-we have to make some DRASTIC changes.

This clip was sent to me from Bobbie, she is an author (check out her book here), small business owner, a momma, wife, and a coal miner’s daughter. Bobbie so eloquently lays out why Voting for Trump is a must! Check it out:

One thought on “Author tells Conservative Momma, “Why Trump.”

  1. When a ‘prince’ puts up BILLIONS to erase Trump… When billionaire Soros puts up BILLIONS to erase Trump… When PUTIN, a socialist, contacts Trump and tells him to be careful because PUTIN had evidence there was a HIT out for Trump…. When the MEDIA, GOP, and the DEMs are using every tactic to destroy Trump, it should sure make you think!!! How can ONE MAN scare the pants off so many people?????? AND WHY???????

    An intelligent person would understand quickly and easily: aside from knowing Trump will STOP the ‘politician free ride,’ Trump is on to their plans to destroy America and her allies, and to take control, implement NWO, and employ sharia law.

    In 1979, a leader in The Muslim Brotherhood, VERNON JARRETT, wrote a column for The Chicago Tribune. He stated that the Brotherhood intended to dump millions of dollars into creating racial hatred in America and then take over. He said they estimated it would take THIRTY YEARS for the plan to work.

    1979 – 2009??? Thirty years!

    Right around that time, lots of out-of-place racial disturbances began occurring: there was a nationwide story about a young black girl who was ‘supposedly’ gang raped by several white men, which was quickly proven false – after the shockwave mellowed. Remember TAWANA mBRAWLEY???? It was the first time ever hearing the name AL SHARPTON? JESSE JACKSON? These two, who call themselves ‘reverends,’ were at the forefront of this and every other racial explosion from that time to this!!!

    Remember the shock and horror of the LA RIOTS? And ever wonder just WHO came up with AFFIRMATIVE ACTION – forcing profitable businesses to hire blacks, regardless of how unqualified or uncooperative they were??!!!

    Black -only pageants, TV channels, movies, neighborhoods, gangs, colleges, scholarships, newspapers, and the list goes on. Suddenly, they were BLACK, not colored. AFRICAN AMERICAN instead of Negro.

    A very interesting tidbit here is the picture that was associated with that 1979 article: several Muslims in Royal garb, standing around a very young black man who was signing a document. This black male looks identical to a younger Barry Soetoro, who has been groomed most of his life to fool Americans with ‘hope and change’ as the final nail in the American coffin – the 30-year plan to destroy America, murder Americans, employ sharia law, establish the NEW WORLD ORDER, and turn our great country into a third world country wasteland!

    Now, do you know who lives in the White House and keeps Obama under her thumb? VALERIE JARRETT!!!! She is the daughter-in-law, and bigwig in The Muslim Brotherhood, to the now deceased former head of The Muslim Brotherhood, VERNON JARRETT, who wrote the article!

    Look up ‘1979 Vernon Jarrett,’ ‘Operation PAPERCLIP,’ ‘Iran Revolution,’ ‘Vaccines and Population Control.’ Ask WHY FEMA (concentration) camps have sprouted up all over America since 2008, and ask who is running them? Ask what happened to the missing BILLIONS of dollars from Hillary’s State Department account, and where the $$$ millions in ammunition and $$$ billions in weaponry and tanks and armored vehicles went that were purchased earlier. Ask what is going on underneath those Walmarts that closed in 2015 during Jade Helm. Ask why the hurry to EMPTY Guantanamo – so it can hold some of us?

    Tell me again how ONE MAN can scare the pants off SO MANY – especially in the Muslim world?

    Donald Trump is not a politician. He is a very smart businessman and a wonderfully dedicated father and family man. He has made mistakes, has been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he has offered money (as a businessman) to purchase the land he wanted, and has taken a lot of hits for simply BEING a devout and enthusiastic businessman. He does NOT need anyone’s money, he has thousands of real friends, and he CANNOT BE BOUGHT.

    He does NOT need the title of POTUS. He is already PRESIDENT of many companies – with jobs that he created himself! He does not need to be the king of anything except his home – his own castle.

    Most importantly, and think about this carefully, he certainly does not need to have to constantly ‘duck and cover’ because of the hundreds of death threats he keeps getting – mostly from foreign princes and rich Americans (Soros!!! Buffet? Prince Whalid?) who are entrenched in the bowels of the NEW WORLD ORDER, POPULATION CONTROL AND MANIPULATION, and THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD., or in stealing America’s wealth and using it to demand privileges!!! All of which they KNOW Donald Trump will put a quick END to!!! All their riches will be gone, along with their ‘perceived’ power!!!

    So tell me, why would a man who has it all, who wants for nothing, who has success, who has the love and admiration of a smart and gorgeous wife, l and his intelligent children ……… who has no truly definable or understandable reason to put himself out there, where he has to deal with those death threats and name-calling and hectic schedules ……. Why would he do it?

    I will tell you why. Because he has been around the block more times than most. He has done business in almost every developed foreign country. He has been offered bribes, been threatened, had the NEW WORLD ORDER, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, and other dastardly, murderous, criminal organizations put bounties on his head! And he is WELL AWARE OF THEIR PLANS TO DESTROY AMERICA and implement SHARIA LAW!!

    Donald Trump knows he has the power, the money, the business sense, the support, and the wherewithal to bring those organizations to their knees. And that he MUST for the sake of his family. We Americans are lucky enough to GET TO ride ON the coattails of his patriotism and love for his family and friends.

    Donald Trump, with all that he has, is putting HIS LIFE on the line for US! For AMERICA. And for AMERICA’s ALLIES.

    What will he get in return???? What does he need????? Nothing. Except for the safety, security and future for his family and for America.

    If it is left up to the GOP and DEMS, they will MURDER TRUMP before we ever have an election!!!!!

    Did you know there are hundreds of FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS all over America right now, LOADED with terrorists ARMED better than our military (thanks to Hitlery and obummer!)

    They are waiting for obummer to call MARTIAL LAW so they can attack! And all that will take is for some of you to react to the threats, intimidation, Black Lives Matter, and others being PAID BY AYRES, SOROS, BUFFET, SAUDI PRINCES … to STOP TRUMP!!!i


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