They are still coming! “Why Trump?”

At this point in the game we all know we can’t count on the media at all to accurately depict ANYTHING. We, as individuals, have to take responsibility and do our research on the issues and polices at hand. For example, it was just decided that Matt Lauer will host the first Presidential Forum….I mean come on! The guy is “besties” with the Clintons’s, and he was a notable member the corrupt Clinton Foundation! Oh….but he’ll play fair when he moderates…….(wink wink wink). You see-the media won’t tell you this….they’ll make it look like Hillary and Matt don’t even know each other!


That’s why we have to swing away daily in contrast to what the biased media is putting out there! When individuals come forward with intelligence, reason, and explanation of why they are voting for Trump, the media’s portrayal of Trump begins to erode. Fortunately we live in a world where we can debunk the biased media! Oh yes, these clips are still coming in and I want yours!

This next one comes from Jene. She is a wife, momma, nurse and politically informed woman. In the clip below she lays out why she is voting for Trump, watch and share!

**Send me your clip under 1:30min to! I will edit and add music!:) (note: if the file is too big, it can be sent through Flickr, message me for details!)

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