I am Momma

I am covered in slobber, my hair untamed and I could use a shower. I have become my son’s walking kleenex when his nose is runny, and my daughters shoulder to cry on when she stumbles while learning to run.

I am momma.

I am momma on the sleepless nights and I momma throughout the long days of winter. I am momma with every scrapped knee, owie and boo-boo. I am momma with every bubble bath and with every yell “push my higher momma” on the swing. I am momma when reading bedtime stories, and momma as I get quizzed every 2 minutes throughout the day with endless questions. “Why do I have toes?” “what sound does a tiger make?” “am I a big guy momma?” “is that a big poop momma?” I am momma when they are thirsty, hungry, cranky, sick and tired. I am momma when he is scared and I am momma when she wants to cuddle. I am momma when they wake and momma when they sleep. I am momma coating them with suncreen in the hot summer sun, I am momma pushing two toddlers up a steep hill on my runs. Momma while we color outside the lines, and I am momma wiping their dirty sticky faces.

My daughter grabs my face and gives me a slobbery kiss, my son pulling at my leg with his small growing hands. I am momma.

The momma days aren’t easy. They are long, tiring, and take all you have. They go by without a thank you. They are often spent just trying to stay afloat. But I believe these are the most precious days. The momma days will come to an end….and I’ll be “mom”…..but I will never forget and forever cherish…these momma days.

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