Ummmm….so….these people vote….

This is why I do what I do….man, if I could reach just one of these students….get them to think…really think why they believe what they believe and then have them come to the realization that….they are in fact “uninformed”….and then get them informed-it’s a win in my book….a big win!

I’ll admit-I honestly laughed out loud when I heard one of the students say “Benghazi” is one of Hillary’s BEST accomplishments!”

I am setting out with new goals, a new vision on reaching people just like the ones in the video below….all is not lost, if anything this should cause everyone of us to speak up, speak out and enlighten a generation that has yet to see the light! Because they vote….let’s get them to be informed voters!


2 thoughts on “Ummmm….so….these people vote….

  1. Sadly it’s not just the young people. I came across an adult on FB who said she would vote for Hillary because it’s time we had a female President. And then she was insulted when I suggested that her reasoning was flawed. Way too many Americans vote on party line, skin color, genitals, name recognition – characteristics that tell you nothing about the kind of leader a person will be. I don’t know how we encourage voters to LEARN about the people they vote for. I’m certain that if voters had taken the time to learn about Obama’s writings, history and what he had actually accomplished thus far in his life (little) they would not have voted for him. I’m also certain that a large number of voters who voted for Obama based on skin color or party line or the BS they heard him spout during the campaign, would love to go back in time and change their vote now. As for Hillary, if she hadn’t been married to Bill Clinton, we would have never heard of her.

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    1. Totally agree Beth, and that’s why Conservatives need to step it up on our messaging and reaching these people. It’s awesome that you are having the dialogue needed! I think we have got to play offense if we have any shot in 2016!


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