I am Momma

I am covered in slobber, my hair untamed and I could use a shower. I have become my son’s walking kleenex when his nose is runny, and my daughters shoulder to cry on when she stumbles while learning to run.

I am momma.

I am momma on the sleepless nights and I momma throughout the long days of winter. I am momma with every scrapped knee, owie and boo-boo. I am momma with every bubble bath and with every yell “push my higher momma” on the swing. I am momma when reading bedtime stories, and momma as I get quizzed every 2 minutes throughout the day with endless questions. “Why do I have toes?” “what sound does a tiger make?” “am I a big guy momma?” “is that a big poop momma?” I am momma when they are thirsty, hungry, cranky, sick and tired. I am momma when he is scared and I am momma when she wants to cuddle. I am momma when they wake and momma when they sleep. I am momma coating them with suncreen in the hot summer sun, I am momma pushing two toddlers up a steep hill on my runs. Momma while we color outside the lines, and I am momma wiping their dirty sticky faces.

My daughter grabs my face and gives me a slobbery kiss, my son pulling at my leg with his small growing hands. I am momma.

The momma days aren’t easy. They are long, tiring, and take all you have. They go by without a thank you. They are often spent just trying to stay afloat. But I believe these are the most precious days. The momma days will come to an end….and I’ll be “mom”…..but I will never forget and forever cherish…these momma days.

Sloooooooow down

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays coming to a close, I find myself catching my breath. I often feel like once Halloween hits, I blink and it’s the day after Christmas! It goes too fast! I also really think January is the loooooongest month of the year too! 😉

I haven’t had one of those slow, long days in a while. The best moment of today happened just a short time ago.

Sometimes you get those moments, when your heart just melts as a mom. My daughter will be 16 months on Wednesday, and she is all play. I get so amused that toddlers are so busy! You’d think they were doing all the holiday shopping! They constantly seem like they have somewhere to be! My little gal, is always on the go, mimicking, laughing, stumbling and of course the fluctuation of emotions are insane!

 I almost always lay her down to sleep. She moves so much, even when I read to her, always rushing to turn the page on the book, swaying back and forth, amused by the characters on the pages…giggling and laughing. After reading her a book, we shut off the lamp and I usually lay her down, but tonight she just snuggled up to my chest and laid her head down beneath my chin. No movement, no squirming….just laid in my arms as I hummed her bedtime song, as she fell asleep in my arms. I swear my heart swelled out of my chest, it’s those moments that we parents live for. I know it sounds simple, even possibly ridiculous but not for me…so many of the perfect most precious moments are in the little things.

 It was in this moment I was reminded to slow down, take it in…it goes by fast. It’s easy to get going so fast that the little things get lost in the big things.

 At some point during the often hurriedness of motherhood, the little things, grow up. The sticky hands, the drooly mouths, the dirty diapers, the crawling, the teething, the gummy smiles, the first potty in the toilet, the first steps….they grow up.

 Tonight’s moment just reminded me to take it in. The exhaustion and all, because I have a feeling I am going to miss it all when it grows up.