Just nod and smile

I read this quote by Thomas Jefferson and found it soooo applicable to family gatherings, especially over the holidays:

jefferson quote

 Many of us have families that totally agree with our religious viewpoints and political stances while many of us don’t. I have had too many debates that lead absolutely no where! The key is asking yourself, “is this person open to new thought and am I?” Lot’s of times I already know the answer is no, so I just simply “nod and smile.” When I find myself conversing with someone I totally disagree with but know debating them would be pointless, I learned to just nod and smile!  I have found that this simple move works in avoiding a blowout that ultimately leads to words being said you can’t take back, which trust me-has happened-resulting in….ummmm awkwardness!  So, just “nod and smile.” 😉

If you are lucky enough to get into an intellectual debate, ending in new innovative thought, without drama-awesome, and I wish I was there to join you!

 I agree with Jefferson words, in fact some friends that don’t see eye to eye with me, have challenged me to really evaluate on what I believe and why I believe it, only sharpening my views!

Don’t pull away from a friend because they don’t view things the way you do and remember if you get stuck in a “ahhh geeez, this is going nowhere” debate-just Nod and Smile! 😉

Or heck you can always try to intimidate them by getting all up in their business, like Gore does in this clip….ummmm awkward…..and Bush responds with a “nod and smile.” 😉

Merry Christmas guys!

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