Let’s talk about the Border-

I have been tweeting away and posting on Facebook about this but I have yet to compose my thoughts in a blog about what is happening at the border. I have witnessed so much emotion, with so little facts. This is how the Democrats operate though, they go for emotion….and what tugs on ones heartstrings more than pictures of crying children? Nothing, so that is what is being used here and now.

Why are we suddenly addressing and covering a story that has been going on since 2011? I will tell you why -Panic. Sheer and utter panic from the left. Midterms are around the corner and the Democrats have absolutely NO policies to stand on. If they object to what Trump has done for this country they are literally objecting to GOOD happening to America. Job unemployment is at 3.8%. Black Unemployment and Hispanic Unemployment are at HISTORIC lows. Over three million jobs have been created since election day. Consumer Confidence is at a 18 year high. Female unemployment is at 3.4%. And last week President Trump met with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, making HISTORY. North Korea has now agreed to begin the process of denuclearization. There is NO NEGATIVE way to look at Trump policies unless you are an America hating liberal. Hard to hear, but that is the TRUTH. So what do liberals do to counter the goodness, pull out an issue that has been happening for YEARS and blame it on Trump.

Trump did not enact a law saying that children cannot stay with their parents if they cross the border illegally -President Bush did in 2008. So I find it really amusing that former First Lady Laura Bush is condemning President Trump for enforcing a law that her husband created! “But President Trump is cruel by enforcing the law,” the left is crying! Really? This is honestly what I am hearing. They are upset that a law is being enforced. They have no solutions, their only idea is to not enforce the law because laws are “mean” and “hurt people’s feelings.” This is how the left thinks. All emotion. If they could have it their way, they would open the borders, let anybody in -criminals too, and subsidize the burden by taxing the rich until all are impoverished and live in a third world country. They have obviously never educated themselves on why an open door policy would NEVER work! For clarity watch the video below.

In 2011 Obama, decided to overrule the law of children being separated from their parents. As a result, the Obama Administration failed to verify the parents or relatives of thousands of children that crossed our southern border in 2011. These children were accidentally placed in the hands of sex traffickers who claimed they were a parent or relative. You see the law that liberals are losing their crap over, actually PROTECTS children. Yep. It prevents sex traffickers and drug smugglers from claiming children that are not theirs. More than often children are brought to the border by sex traffickers, or they are simply used and recycled to get adults across the border. The Trump Administration is taking the time to verify that those who claim a child to be theirs is in fact theirs. If their is suspicion that the child does not belong to those who claim, they are separated.


If an individual is seeking asylum the process takes much longer. Children are only allowed to be held for 20 days according to the law. According to the law children cannot stay in adult detainment facilities, because adult facilities put children in danger,  so they are cared for by Health and Human Services or a relative.

Putting children in with adults, who could be criminals, is not safe. Yes, I get it. It is sad that children are separated from their parents. I know that my children would cry and scream if I were separated from them. But the law is the law. And this law has been put in place to PROTECT kids. If Americans are expected to obey the law as seen in the video below, then why are we not expecting others to abide by the law?


If liberals REALLY cared about these children then they would work on implementing different laws for families, but you know what -they don’t want to. Why? Because they want to use this issue that has been around for years to now paint President Trump in a bad light. The left doesn’t want immigration reform. They want an open border and they want to keep it open for future voters. That’s why they don’t want anyone to be required to have an ID to vote. They are preying upon innocent people for votes. So while liberals scream that separating children from their families to protect children is “in humane,” I believe that Not enforcing our immigration laws is inhumane. Keeping our borders open, which encourages children to cross a desert, to then be raped or sex trafficked or murdered is inhumane. You want to be humane? Then secure the border, build the wall and pass proper immigration reform.

Build the Wall

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Your daily dose of Conspiracy Theory ;)

Ok, so I have never shared this in any blog, but I am naturally drawn to conspiracy theory. I know….I know….right now your thinking, “good lawd she’s gone off the deep end!” But before you come to that conclusion, hear me out 🙂

It all started when I stumbled across “Coast to Coast AM” (a radio show played late at night) in college and ever since, I have been hooked. Now, to clarify I don’t buy most of what I hear, I really don’t….but what I have found is that in most conspiracy theories, there is a tiny bit of truth. The truth often spins into a blown up crazy wacko story that no one believes, but often, if you dig deep, and research….you’ll find that lot’s of those conspiracies out there, have some legitimacy.

I would like to briefly discuss, the Bush’s and Clinton’s….and how these families, hold much more power than you would have ever thought.

Now, I am not sure if you have ever heard of the secret society known as Skull and Bones. This is not a “so called” group, they really exist. It is a society that was formed back in 1832 at Yale University. What’s fascinating about the Skull and Bones is some VERY powerful people have been members, a few presidents, athletes, congressmen, etc, check the list out here. What is extremely intriguing is that the Bush Family has very close ties to the Skull and Bones. In fact, many of them have been members! Prescott Bush, the father of George Herbert Bush (President) and Grandfather of George W Bush (President) were all members as well. Watch George W, as well as John Kerry’s response, when asked about being a member of Skull and Bones: 

There are stories that the society of Skull and Bones is linked to the Illuminati. Now is when you are probably rolling your eyes….but just chill for a second. What is the Illuminati? I know I might lose you here, but the Illuminati is formed by very powerful leaders who plant agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. “Ahhhh yes, she’s off her rocker” you say 😉 I’ll be honest it sounds crazy right….but have you not noticed much more one world globalization taking place??? I have….trust me, I’d LOVE to be totally wrong about all this stuff!

Ok so now for the Clintons. Bill Clinton as well as the Bushes, were associated with the Tri-Lateral commission, another group associated with New World Order, found by David Rockefeller in the early 70’s. Another group of world leaders that secretly meets once a year is known as the Bilderberg Group. Both Hillary and Bill have attended these meetings. For years the Bilderberg Group has been associated with the Illuminati. When Hillary was asked about her attendance of a Bilderberg meeting in 2006, this was her response:

Ummmm nervous laughter much???

Ok, so I don’t want to overwhelm you with all that’s out there, because it’s never ending….but perhaps this might peek your interest.

I stopped believing the main stream media years ago, to find the truth, I really think you have to approach all news and information skeptically.

I will say, that if we do have a Clinton/Bush run off in 2016….there are definite powers beyond our control at play, and the winner in that race wouldn’t matter….

Just nod and smile

I read this quote by Thomas Jefferson and found it soooo applicable to family gatherings, especially over the holidays:

jefferson quote

 Many of us have families that totally agree with our religious viewpoints and political stances while many of us don’t. I have had too many debates that lead absolutely no where! The key is asking yourself, “is this person open to new thought and am I?” Lot’s of times I already know the answer is no, so I just simply “nod and smile.” When I find myself conversing with someone I totally disagree with but know debating them would be pointless, I learned to just nod and smile!  I have found that this simple move works in avoiding a blowout that ultimately leads to words being said you can’t take back, which trust me-has happened-resulting in….ummmm awkwardness!  So, just “nod and smile.” 😉

If you are lucky enough to get into an intellectual debate, ending in new innovative thought, without drama-awesome, and I wish I was there to join you!

 I agree with Jefferson words, in fact some friends that don’t see eye to eye with me, have challenged me to really evaluate on what I believe and why I believe it, only sharpening my views!

Don’t pull away from a friend because they don’t view things the way you do and remember if you get stuck in a “ahhh geeez, this is going nowhere” debate-just Nod and Smile! 😉

Or heck you can always try to intimidate them by getting all up in their business, like Gore does in this clip….ummmm awkward…..and Bush responds with a “nod and smile.” 😉

Merry Christmas guys!