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A preview of tonight’s Democratic Primary Debate…..

I gotta be real, I am excited to watch tonight’s Democratic Primary Debate. Get the popcorn ready! The resistance is taking the stage. They have persisted and now, now we get to see real problem solving principles presented. Ha ha! Who am I kidding?! It’s going to be:  “We hate Trump,” “we hate Trump,” “we hate Trump.” because, that’s ALL we have heard from these guys for the last two years. Odd, being that the Democrats slogan in 2016  was “LOVE trump’s hate.”  Thinking_Face_Emoji

You will find no love on the stage tonight. You will also find no solutions. The Democrat Party needs to perpetuate the problems we see in order to exist!

This morning I woke up to a tweet by the left’s darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


She was complaining that Wayfair was making beds for the children coming across our southern border. Upset that Wayfair was making a product to meet a need, and profiting from making that needed product. In her world, businesses should not profit, because capitalism is evil. I would like to ask AOC, would you rather the children not have beds? Instead of putting forth a solution to the insane influx of migrants at the border, Ocasio-Cortex opted to complain about the children having beds. She also voted against a Bill this morning that would provide 4.5 Billion for humanitarian aid to those at the border.

As you watch the candidates compete tonight on “who can hate the President the most,” I want you to take note, these people have NO SOLUTIONS. Oh my bad, they have ONE solution -SPEND. In order to attempt to get your vote, they are going to bribe you with your own money. Free Kindergarten, Free Day Care, Free College, Free free free! Give the government more of your money and they will pay for everything! They will even pay for your student loans you willingly took out! They’ll also ignore the fact that college tuition has risen 243% since 1998. With “free loans,” Colleges can now charge even more insane prices and America foots the bill. And, if everyone has a degree doesn’t this make degrees less valuable? Who cares though, Americans can afford more in taxes! They’ll tax Americans till they have nothing left, or till they leave the country! Because, the Democrat Party has gone full Socialism! Full Socialism and full infanticide. That’s right, not one candidate running has said they would sign a bill that would require a baby that survives a botched abortion be saved. So there you have it, the Democrat Party: “we hate Trump,” we want Socialism” and “let’s keep killing babies.”

The worst part though, outside of killing babies, is the pandering and the incompetence. From Mayor Pete drinking a forty in the middle of the day- in an attempt to get the Black vote; to Elizabeth Warren “gettin’ me a beer” (because she’s just like you simpletons in fly over America that drink beer), you are going to watch people that have no qualifications tell you they should be running the most powerful nation on earth. Check it out 589_emoji_iphone_white_down_pointing_backhand_index


Trump however didn’t need this. He has lost One Billion of his own money since becoming President, unlike the Clinton’s and Obama’s who became insanely wealthy during and after holding office. Trump was already accomplished. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, who loves this country and is putting America first. Because when America succeeds the world succeeds.

Enjoy the freak show, I’ll be LIVE tweeting -follow along @conmomma  🙂

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Just nod and smile

I read this quote by Thomas Jefferson and found it soooo applicable to family gatherings, especially over the holidays:

jefferson quote

 Many of us have families that totally agree with our religious viewpoints and political stances while many of us don’t. I have had too many debates that lead absolutely no where! The key is asking yourself, “is this person open to new thought and am I?” Lot’s of times I already know the answer is no, so I just simply “nod and smile.” When I find myself conversing with someone I totally disagree with but know debating them would be pointless, I learned to just nod and smile!  I have found that this simple move works in avoiding a blowout that ultimately leads to words being said you can’t take back, which trust me-has happened-resulting in….ummmm awkwardness!  So, just “nod and smile.” 😉

If you are lucky enough to get into an intellectual debate, ending in new innovative thought, without drama-awesome, and I wish I was there to join you!

 I agree with Jefferson words, in fact some friends that don’t see eye to eye with me, have challenged me to really evaluate on what I believe and why I believe it, only sharpening my views!

Don’t pull away from a friend because they don’t view things the way you do and remember if you get stuck in a “ahhh geeez, this is going nowhere” debate-just Nod and Smile! 😉

Or heck you can always try to intimidate them by getting all up in their business, like Gore does in this clip….ummmm awkward…..and Bush responds with a “nod and smile.” 😉

Merry Christmas guys!