Happy Mother’s Day

Sleepless nights,
days spent literally playing/laying on the floor,
finding food randomly throughout the day in your hair, a shower or bath is a gift from God, getting the kids dressed for the day before 11am-major accomplishment, successful grocery store run without meltdowns –another accomplishment,  
your clothes a forever Kleenex, your boobs a vending machine, you arms –a forever comfort, your eyes exhausted from no sleep,
the laundry never ending, the to do’s without an end, the second  umm make that the 3rd glance at yourself in the mirror -uhhh…who the hell is that!???
The forever prego pooch, walking in the mall and mocking what other people are wearing and then realizing you have been in the same sweat outfit for the last 48hours,
getting excited there are no baths to be done tonight, because you gave them last night, hearing people who have no kids “complain”…yes…complain at all,
being able to talk on the phone without continuously apologizing for the noise -another major accomplishment, 8 hours of sleep-ha ha-in your dreams-seriously- in your dreams, you dream about sleeping!
Being ready and out the door in under an hour and a half -accomplishment, no poopy diapers during an errand run-accomplishment,  being able to time a nursing with errands-another kick ass accomplishment, lego’s, water-color, play dough, coloring with no end in sight, snacks-lot’s of snacks, silly putty, bouncing balls, coloring…did I say coloring, your soundtrack for the day- “momma, momma, momma.”
But I wouldn’t trade any of it… not even for a moment….
Being my kids constant…priceless!
To ALL the mom’s out there…whether you have littles like me…or your babies are grown-Happy Mother’s Day!

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