Religious freedom….not so much…

In case you haven’t heard a cadet at the United Air Force Academy is being court martialed for having a Bible verse written on the white board outside his dorm room! No JOKE!
Ya….I know nuts right! I mean this is absurd! If our religious freedoms are no longer protected and we can’t express our faith…than this country is straight up doooomed!
Below is a posting I wanted to share and I couldn’t agree more!
Robert Blaha’s Face Book Page:
“Below is my modified version of Susan’s (my wife) recent “Letter to the Editor” published in the Colorado Springs Gazette:
Our family has lived in Colorado for 20 years and we can look from our back yard and see the Air Force Academy. It has always been a source of pride to see the symbol of American freedom and liberty from our home. I honor and respect the brave men and women who represent us so well as Cadets. But after reading the numerous articles and blogs about the Cadet who posted a Bible verse on his personal whiteboard, having to erase it because it offended other Cadets…outrage is my only response. Whether you are Baptist, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Catholic, Non- Denominational or even of another Faith … you need to be concerned. When or first Amendment can be so easily, casually and consistently be dismissed…. Beware !

I am appalled by the biased anti-Christian atmosphere that permeates the Academy. I’m tired of hearing about leaders at the Academy bowing down and cowering to the ant-Christian chorus that sing the toneless refrain. I’m tired of reading about Cadets whining to their superiors about how they are so offended by Christians….Really.
Our right to live our Christian faith out in public is protected and under siege…. Period.
I say those weak and offended by those who exercise our most basic rights, should grow up and Leaders who put their political finger in the wind should seriously evaluate their understanding of The Constitution of the United States of America. If WE stand by and remain silent then we are in the grasp of a nefarious and terrible future….. regardless the coming topics….”

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