They have forgotten they work for us…

So Michelle Obama is going on a little trip to China with her mom and daughters. It’s a “non-political” trip and it’s focus is on education. No big deal right… why care?
Well we should care because the Press has been told they are not allowed to come. That’s right! The Press ALWAYS goes!
The Press is our link -our access to what the people we hired are doing. They are spending the tax payers dime on this -so we ARE footing the bill….but we are not allowed to know what exactly they are doing because no press is allowed!
This is crazy pants! Ya ya ya…they want privacy…what’s the big deal? Well if you are in public office-there’s no privacy and if you don’t want people in your business, don’t take a trip to China on our dime! We have EVERY right to know how our hard earned money is being spent! Don’t even get me started on the amount of vacations these people have been on…I got an idea…how about holding off on one of your trips and donating that money to the poor? Or shoot let’s give some of that cash to the Veterans who are being denied retirement funding after they have put their lives on the line for this country!
On top of all this…If our elected officials begin to shut the American people out ….you are looking at a Dictatorship ruling…yep I said it! You begin to treat the people you are supposed to be serving like they are unworthy to know what you are up to, or what you are doing or having a say of any kind….that’s not freedom people….
This is not good.

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