This is why elections are being lost

Well, if you are wondering why we have stopped winning elections it’s because of things like this:
I just read a report that Rand Paul leads in the CPAC Pole…which I love because I have been a huge supporter of Paul for a while now. Ever since he filibustered on the whole Drones invading our personal privacies issue (which I blogged about a while back)- I have thought wow this guy might actually care about protecting the liberties of the American People.
I am so sick of politicians… talking… talking… talking… talking…..Paul is actually getting shit done!
So this is why I am annoyed….
According to the Drudge Report…people are complaining that Paul is too short and they don’t like his curly hair…
Yep…and that’s why I seriously feel like slapping your average voter-Republicans included!!!  
Are you kidding me…like are you for real???
This is why we are losing elections this is why our country is seriously in the crapper!
Hair texture….I am at a loss for words…..too short???
I don’t care for a second what his hair is like or how tall or short the guy is! Are we now dating potential candidates??
This is asinine!
This is like when you were a kid and asked your parent what color of jersey we should be cheering for when watching a sporting event!?!!!
Only sad part is we are NOT kids…this is serious people! This is the future welfare of our COUNTRY!
What I want is someone who DEFENDS the constitution! Goes to bat for the American people, believes that America is the greatest nation on earth and doesn’t apologize for it! Refuses to bankrupt America because they care too damn much about our future generations, defends life, understands the role of government and does not overstep it’s boundaries!
Too short….ughhhh…please!
The pretty boys can head to Hollywood…I want a fighter!

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