Me and my Bossy Self :)

Ughhh…well the celebrities are at it again-Beyonce has started campaigning against something completely senseless -banning the word ‘Bossy.’

I personally think it’s pretty ‘Bossy’ to try to ban the word ‘Bossy,’ but that’s just me….
I am seriously sooooo over people telling me what I should and should not say!
I don’t care if it’s considered ‘rude’ or ‘insensitive’ -if you were raised right -you know what to say….and even if you were not-do you need some bizzilionaire that has NO clue how us common folk live telling you how speak!???

There are sooooooooo  MANY other things that we can fight against and ‘Bossy’ isn’t one of them!
Here’s a thought…
Let’s fight poverty
Let’s fight Aids
Let’s fight bullies
Let’s fight Cancer
Let’s fight mental illness
Let’s fight eating disorders
Let’s fight against rape
Let’s fight suicide
Let’ fight against human sex trafficking
Let’s fight domestic violence

geeeez…I could go on-

It truly astounds me that time and money are even being spent on something like this when there are so many other critical issues at stake….but whatever…
And if this blog appears to be ‘bossy’ so be it…..mmmmkay! 


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