Speaking for those who cannot speak


1 abortion, in every 95 seconds -is performed at Planned Parenthood alone. That statistic is from last year….God knows what it’s climbed to. Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer support in 2012, a hefty increase in government funding! Today I read that we as tax payers are now funding 45% of Planned Parenthood’s budget. This is insane…why are we paying for this!????

If you believe in God than you believe that he created life. If God created life, than is it still your right to take it?

If life does not begin at conception than when does it become a “life” and how… oh how can anyone have a right to take a life?

If you want the baby than it’s a baby…but if it’s unwanted than it’s a “fetus” and must be terminated….does that make any sense to you!???

I believe that someday….our children or children’s children will look back on what we have done as a society in great mournful sadness. They will not be able to fathom the fact that we took life so candidly from those that had no voice, just as today we look back on our history of slavery in complete disgusted astonishment.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are also the rights of the unborn!

It’s my right as a woman to do what I want to my body…No…not when there is a baby growing inside you and yes…it’s a baby…let’s not call it anything else simply because it is hidden by a veil of skin.

It is your right to keep your pants on.

It is your right to use a form of birth control…hell the government will buy it for you!
It is your right to adopt.
It is your right to abstain
But it is NOT your right to take a life.

Let’s focus on the war of those who cannot speak for themselves instead of this politically charged and only hearsay war on women.

Oh but Roe v Wade will never be overturned…it’s not worth the fight….really…really…if we really have become so desensitized that protecting innocent life is no longer a concern…than we have lost all hope as a civilization……. for this is the whole point of our existence. (And by the way…both women in the Roe v Wade ruling are now pro-life.)

I personally will not give up on the unborn because to me…they ARE worth fighting for- they have to be!

If you voted for the candidate that supports the “right to choose” over “the right to life”….you are supporting the death of millions of babies each year. A vote FOR something is a vote AGAINST something else. There is no grey zone when it comes to life.

By the 5th week after conception the baby’s heart is taking shape

By the 10th week after conception the baby’s elbows and the arms are already working
By the 11th week after conception the baby has fingernails and if it’s a girl…her ovaries are forming.
By the 13th week after conception the baby’s vocal cords have developed and though you might not hear them….GOD DOES.

54,559,615 Million babies have been killed in the United Statesalone since 1973
The option of not having an opinion on this issue or picking a side is no longer available…you must choose and fight……
Choose Life.
Jesus: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly- John 10:10

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