12 Ways the Government WASTES your Money!


I decided to take my own advice and look into some ridiculous ways the government is wasting OUR tax dollars! These are just some of the various ways the governement has spent our tax dollars in the past couple years:


1) $175,587 – Study on Cocaine and the Risky Sex Habits of Quail—this is no joke!

2) $120,000,000Government Benefits for Dead People—-The government has been paying the dead for a while now, tax payers have paid over $600 million in the past five years. Most of the money consists of retirement and disability payments to deceased federal employees that we haven’t figured out are dead yet!

3) $550,000 – A Movie on How Rock ‘n’ Roll Helped Defeat Communism–that’s great…but ummm we’re 16trillion in debt!

4) $592,527 – Proving That Feces-Throwing Is a Communication Skill for Chimps—thank God, we figured this one out!

5) $25,000,000,000Spends maintaining and up keeping government buildings each year that are not even being used!  —–That’s 25 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!

6) $742,907Study on Sheep Grazing to Control Weeds—-apparently it takes over a half million to state the obvious when it comes to government!

7) $17,800,000Gifts to China—-Yep, we are sooooo in debt to this country and instead of using this money to pay China what we owe them, we are buying them gifts!  About $4.4 million was used to improve China’s environment and $2.5 million went to various social services….—what happens when China wants to start to collect the debt we owe them???

8) $198,000-Research done to find out whether social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook made people happy—-Happy until people get their paychecks this week…

9) $862,000 -Is used each year to store office furniture and Equipment the IRS doesn’t use.—-Ahhh the good ole’ IRS….they’re find a way to get ya any way they can!

 10) $30,000,000 -was spent on a program that helped Pakistanfarmers grow more mangos—I have no words.

 11) $750,000 Was spent to buy a soccer field for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. —-Good….because if anything…let’s make sure terrorists have a pretty field to play on J

12) $1,800,000 Spent to build a Museum of Neon Signs in Las Vegas—-ya…that’s good…because Vegas needs a few more bright lights!

Interesting FACT:

According to the Government Accountability Office, if the U.S. were to switch to $1 coins instead of printing $1 bills, as so many other nations already have, it would save $5.5billion over 30 years, or $184million annually.

I’ll say it again and again…let’s elect Congress men and women that have a clue about money and spending! Enough of these morons’s running our country! Support Congressmen and women that support #TermLimits and have lived in the private sector! No more Career Politicians!  
Cut Spending Now!

One thought on “12 Ways the Government WASTES your Money!

  1. Way too much common sense for our current elected officials to spend much time on. Let's focus on taking more money from 'we the people', give big donors tax breaks, fund more 'alternative energy' companies that usually fail once the funding stops, and keep printing money to kick the can down the road. Enough already! You're right Rachel…..until we get so fed up with the current cast of characters we are going to keep getting these pathetic results.


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