Embarrassing Moment


I was just chatting on the phone earlier this morning with my sister Claire and she insisted I share this embarrassing moment!


Well, we have all had them at some point or another….and many -or possibly all of our embarrassing moments -we’d like to forget!

I understand now why the word “ass” can be found in the word embarr(ass)ing, because that’s exactly what I felt like the other day at Costco.

I was wheeling along my son Bode in one of Costco’s huge carts and found myself right next to another mom who had a little boy almost the same age as Bode. Right next to her cute little son was another little boy who looked just months older.

I smiled and asked how old her youngest son was; she smiled back and told me he was 8months old. I then of course wanted to know how far apart her two little boys were-she said they were 15months apart….

I said wow….you’ve got your hands full and my big mouth then added “and another one on the way…geez!”

Now let me just say…this woman looked at least 7 to 8 months pregnant. She was even wearing a little maternity outfit with a top that synched in right above her belly.

As I was saying this, her husband came out of nowhere and they both just starred at me…it was a cold death stare and the woman’s ever so pleasant smile turned into a tight lipped glare and I received a curt sharp reply of “no….I am not pregnant.”

Ahhhhhh! I wanted to crawl into the meat bin or hide behind Bode….I felt my whole body flush with a red glow. “Oh”…..yep….that’s all I could say. Now my cart was facing the other woman’s cart….so in a very hurriedly awkward attempt I tried to turn this gynormous cart around in the very crowded isle while this couple just starred at me without an utter. I even felt like this woman’s two little boys were disgusted……


I tell ya, me, Bode and my gigantic squeaky cart couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I still found myself constantly looking over my shoulder as I quickly threw whatever else I needed in the store into my cart. At checkout I was just praying that the irritated couple didn’t catch up with me!

So in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday cheer, there’s always moments for complete embarrassment!

Take a moment to recall an embarrassing moment that you’ve had and share it with a friend or family member…it’ll bring a smile to their face and possibly yours….

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