Term Limits

If you had an unlimited amount of time to get something done…would you be in any hurry to do it?

After witnessing first hand- with my father’s run for Congress-the power of the “career politician” and their ability to withhold there incumbency, regardless of their leadership or performance, I have become a strong advocate for Term Limits.

Term Limits crosses political parties and affiliations….it is simply this: Limiting the time our elected Congress men and women can serve in office. Basically putting a time limit on how long they are able to spend in Washington.

“But our Congressman is doing great, he votes just the way I’d want him to.” That’s wonderful, BUT there are other “great” men and women that are able to serve and bring fresh ideas and concepts to the table. If we don’t put NEW people in DC, than we will continue to get the same results. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity! Just look at our current divided congress…we’ve got two parties at war against each other…neither willing to compromise because all the Congressmen there are voting how they are “supposed to” vote so that they are re-elected. They no longer think in terms of the right thing to do, but rather what actions they will need to take to get reelected, regardless of what’s right for the country. They think….if “I just vote the “party line” than my district or state will re-elect me and I get to stay here with all the perks!”

Congress currently has a 21% approval rating and yet Incumbents (current congressman/women) have an over 90% chance of being re-elected. Geeeez….if my husband knew that he could perform at work with a grade of 21 out of 100 and keep his job, why would he even show up to work!? See, in the REAL world….you’d get fired! If you take a test and get a 21% that’s a failing grade! If you fail….you don’t get to move on…because….ummm you failed!  

 “Well…getting someone new in there, with No knowledge of how Congress works, doesn’t seem like a smart move to me.” Really…..really….so you are pleased with the state of our country? It is the current incumbent filled Congress that has gotten us to where we are today!

The so called “experienced politicians” have brought us to a 16 trillion and climbing deficit, federal budget and tax codes that favor special interests groups with the highest paid lobbyists, the fact that we’ll probably never get Social Security, over 1,700 departments of federal government, earmarks (a legislative provision that directs approved funds to be spent on specific projects-So basically an incumbent’s campaign receives money from a corporation or large business and in return votes a particular way to favor that corporation/large business’s agenda …dirty right…well it’s happening everyday!


“The best way to ensure we are truly a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, is to replace the career politicians in Washingtonwith citizen legislators who care more about the next generation than their next election. – Senator Coburn


“This nation can no longer afford these entrenched men and women who enjoy lives of luxury wholly insulated from the consequences of their major policy failures.” –Senator Jim Demint


Oh forget it…it’s an uphill battle…Congress will never vote themselves out of a job…..you might be right. So what do YOU do?


You get educated….does YOUR Congressman support Term Limits? If so…great….vote for them…if NOT…VOTE THEM OUT! It will start with WE the People!

 It may start small….. a simple grassroots movement…but this is something that MUST take place. For our Country’s future, for your kids future- we need men and women that are in Washington to serve and then go home…not stay….holding office is a JOB, it was never meant to be a CAREER! If we limit the time there, those that are elected to go to DC are on a mission -to make a difference, to get things done and then get out! There will no longer be hidden agenda’s; the intention will be for the betterment of the country!


Do your part and speak up! Demand Term Limits!


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