Guest Blog: Lydia Blaha "Best man doesn’t always win"

Our country has always believed in fairness and equality. We believe that the individual with the most talent wins the athletic event. We think that the bestwins the contest. We even believe that the best man will win this election! This dear friends, is simply false.

I grew up playing sports. I played volleyball through my high school as well as my college years. If I learned anything I now understand that the best team doesn’t always win. Some of the best athletes I have ever seen were lazy, cocky, and self centered, which resulted in their team being unable to count on them when it came down to match point. Their refusal to place others needs above their own cost their team a victory, even if that team should have won the game.

I am not an American Idol follower nor can I say that I have watched an episode of the show since I was in high school, but I remember becoming angry when someone won who clearly shouldn’t have. Instead of basing the results off of who has the most talent, voters began to ask themselves who was the best dancer, who could wow a crowd, and who looked best in a mini skirt or baseball cap. Voters began to base the show that was all about an individual’s voice, on how an individual looked and acted when in the public eye.

Now, to the most pressing matter we voters have at hand. This Election. We used to have the belief that the best man always wins. Well, not always. I can let go of the 08′ election. Obama was new and cool and just what America needed. We thought that we were racist if we didn’t vote for him and that we would be looked down upon if we didn’t say that he was Americas ‘savior’. Well, four years later and America is in a greater mess than it has ever been in. 4 more trillion dollars in debt, a swiftly failing education system, millions unemployed, and murder wanting to be legalized (oh yes, I said it. Abortion is murder, let’s not sugarcoat it). The best man would be an individual who has a plan on how to work towards defeating our debt. The best man would be someone who cares about our allies (the few we have left). The best man would be someone who wants small businesses to prosper. The best man would follow the ideas and morals our founding fathers had for this country. The best man wouldn’t want to take God out of the Democratic platform. The BEST man wouldn’t allow babies to be brutally and painfully killed when in their mother’s wombs. We have a decision to make. Let’s not just vote for who is the ‘most popular,’ or who has the most swag, or who has the greatest majority of celebrity supporters. Let’s vote for who makes decisions based of what is best for the United States of America. Let’s vote for an individual who has a plan on how to bring us back to being a shining light for the rest of the world to look at for hope. Let’s vote for the BEST man!

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