Your daily dose of Conspiracy Theory ;)

Ok, so I have never shared this in any blog, but I am naturally drawn to conspiracy theory. I know….I know….right now your thinking, “good lawd she’s gone off the deep end!” But before you come to that conclusion, hear me out 🙂

It all started when I stumbled across “Coast to Coast AM” (a radio show played late at night) in college and ever since, I have been hooked. Now, to clarify I don’t buy most of what I hear, I really don’t….but what I have found is that in most conspiracy theories, there is a tiny bit of truth. The truth often spins into a blown up crazy wacko story that no one believes, but often, if you dig deep, and research….you’ll find that lot’s of those conspiracies out there, have some legitimacy.

I would like to briefly discuss, the Bush’s and Clinton’s….and how these families, hold much more power than you would have ever thought.

Now, I am not sure if you have ever heard of the secret society known as Skull and Bones. This is not a “so called” group, they really exist. It is a society that was formed back in 1832 at Yale University. What’s fascinating about the Skull and Bones is some VERY powerful people have been members, a few presidents, athletes, congressmen, etc, check the list out here. What is extremely intriguing is that the Bush Family has very close ties to the Skull and Bones. In fact, many of them have been members! Prescott Bush, the father of George Herbert Bush (President) and Grandfather of George W Bush (President) were all members as well. Watch George W, as well as John Kerry’s response, when asked about being a member of Skull and Bones: 

There are stories that the society of Skull and Bones is linked to the Illuminati. Now is when you are probably rolling your eyes….but just chill for a second. What is the Illuminati? I know I might lose you here, but the Illuminati is formed by very powerful leaders who plant agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. “Ahhhh yes, she’s off her rocker” you say 😉 I’ll be honest it sounds crazy right….but have you not noticed much more one world globalization taking place??? I have….trust me, I’d LOVE to be totally wrong about all this stuff!

Ok so now for the Clintons. Bill Clinton as well as the Bushes, were associated with the Tri-Lateral commission, another group associated with New World Order, found by David Rockefeller in the early 70’s. Another group of world leaders that secretly meets once a year is known as the Bilderberg Group. Both Hillary and Bill have attended these meetings. For years the Bilderberg Group has been associated with the Illuminati. When Hillary was asked about her attendance of a Bilderberg meeting in 2006, this was her response:

Ummmm nervous laughter much???

Ok, so I don’t want to overwhelm you with all that’s out there, because it’s never ending….but perhaps this might peek your interest.

I stopped believing the main stream media years ago, to find the truth, I really think you have to approach all news and information skeptically.

I will say, that if we do have a Clinton/Bush run off in 2016….there are definite powers beyond our control at play, and the winner in that race wouldn’t matter….

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