‘Pro birth not Pro Life….’

‘Pro birth not Pro Life….’

I read this a little while ago and want to respond.

First off-it’s a life, even science will tell you it’s a life! If the heart is beating…(those that are reading this-guess what-your heart is beating and if it stops- you most likely are dead!!)

So I am pro LIFE. Just because a life is hidden behind a veil of skin does NOT make it less alive.

After I read this post I was looking at my almost 5month old daughter. As I put her into her pajamas for the night, she smiled and giggled-she has no clue why she’s happy but she was ALL smiles. She has been given life. She has the ability to do and be anything she wants to be-just months ago-I would have been allowed to take that from her according to those who are pro choice.
The ‘pro birth not pro life’ argument stemmed from the accusation that Pro Lifers do nothing to help the child once the child is born-implying that we don’t financially aid their survival. This is simply not true.
The Pro Lifers do tend to be anti-big unions, excess waste and less federal government invasion i.e (the Dept of Education) , and teacher’s unions (the majority of the money goes to Administrators and not the students -just so you know)

Test scores, the success rates of students post graduation, and our ranking worldwide have dropped tremendously since the Dept of Education was founded in 1980. So what are they doing with the billions of dollars they receive each year? ????!!!! It’s a money pit! But you see…it “sounds” warm and fuzzy doesn’t it “the dept of education” it does do great in campaigning. Campaigning…that’s right…it’s not about the kids at all really(if it were, we’d be leading academically in every category worldwide)-but shoot whatever wins elections eh! Hmmmm, if I am correct we were pretty strong competitors worldwide before this Dept was formed, but hey…average is trending so I guess it’s ok…. 
The fact that we believe children are individuals and can’t be categorized, put in a box, or learn under ONE mass curricula does not makes us anti child!
The fact that we are Pro School choice means that we believe that children should be able to go to a school that best suites their needs.
The fact that we want teachers to teach because they love teaching and are not in the field because they are tenured makes us pro child!
The fact that we expect schools to excel -and kids STAY and we believe if the school does not excel that the kids find a better school -makes us pro child!
So before ya rattle off something that is cliche and seriously over played by the liberal left ….think…that’s right, think or better yet…tap into that heart of yours…the one that started beating 18 days after you were conceived. 

You know, I am truly amazed that Pro Choice advocates are all about the ability to CHOOSE but what about the unborn’s right to CHOOSE??? Please clarify me on this will you?

Pro Life Pro Birth Pro Child

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