Two Guards who were “monitoring” Epstein -charged with falsifying records:

When we heard that convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein killed himself, everyone with a brain was like “no way!” A man indicted on sex trafficking- who provided his services to some of the most powerful and richest people in the world “killed” himself -right before he could have exposed EVERYONE. Ya….I don’t think so….

Today, two prison guards, who were supposed to be guarding, monitoring and checking on Epstein were charged with falsifying records that stated they checked on Epstein hours before he “killed” himself.

USA Today states: Federal prosecutors alleged that Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, assigned to Epstein’s special housing unit at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, “browsed the Internet” and lingered in an office common area when they should have been conducting inmate checks.

Noel and Thomas later signed “false certifications” attesting they had made their required rounds, according to court records. Prosecutors allege that no inmate checks were made between 10:30 p.m. on August 9 and 6:30 a.m. the following morning, when the officers discovered Epstein’s body. During that time, the officers should have conducted five separate inmate counts in the high-security unit.

An autopsy report obtained by the Washington Post revealed in August that there where several broken bones to Epstein’s neck.  One of the bones broken is the Hyoid Bone. This break is more common in strangulation murders. It can break in older victims in suicidal hangings as well.

In late October a forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother also examined Epstein and suggested that Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide, but in fact may have been strangled.

The prison guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas have been charged with one count of conspiring to falsify records. Noel is being charged with five counts of falsifying records and Thomas is charged with three counts of falsifying records. These charges could land these guys up to five years in prison……..That is if they don’t talk, or commit suicide themselves. No joke. I would not even for a moment be surprised if we hear soon that the guards who “guarded” Epstein are not no longer with us.

This whole thing is beyond messed up and extremely frustrating. I would FOR ONCE love to see the RICH, POWERFUL untouchables FACE JUSTICE!!

A positive out of this whole thing is that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling on ABC news to provide answers  to Congress, after Project Veritas broke a story of ABC Reporter Amy Robach caught on a hot mic saying she had all the evidence on Epstein three years ago.

This story could continue to unfold or be buried forever…..stay tuned….

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