Policy over Presidency

“His tweets are going to start World War Three.”

“He said something horrible a decade and a half ago.”

“He is a bull in a China shop.”

I hear stuff like this all the time. I also constantly get asked “how can you support President Trump?”

What people forget is that Obama BROUGHT Trump.

Obama was a smooth talking career politician, that said exactly what many wanted to hear, while simultaneously dropping over 26,100 bombs in the Middle East in 2016 alone. Calling for the targeting of Conservatives and Christians through the IRS. Trafficking illegal guns into Mexico. Keeping our borders open and “accidentally” placing children into the hands of sex traffickers. Pushing for Abortion up till birth, and giving our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. Making a deal with a country that HATES us and chants DEATH TO AMERICA. Obama did all this and much more with swag and a smile. Schmoozing it up with star athletes and Hollywood Celebrities while the unemployment rate rose. People, enamored by charm, abandoned their moral code to support a guy that voted as a Senator to not save a baby if it survives a botched abortion. A community organizer and one term Senator with no experience to be President of the United States, drove our country into the ground. Every other day, Americans would witness another crazed ISIS cult member beheading an innocent captive. We watched as Black Lives Matter would chant “Pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon,” in our streets.  We became more divided, victim-hood flourished and patriotism went underground.

June 15th, 2015 is the day all of this changed. A businessman with no political experience, who loves America and inspired others to LOVE America, stepped in front of the Globalist freight train, and forever changed the course of History. He promised to “Make America Great Again.” A term that the Mainstream Media (which is really just an operative of the Global Elite and Democrat Party) has attempted to make “racist.” Because they make EVERYTHING about race, with the intention to spur victim mentality- because Democrats know victims vote for victim-hood.

“Make America Great Again,” is not racist, in fact it’s about the American Dream. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s about the Individual. It is the idea that the individual can accomplish the impossible in America, because we are the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. Americans had stopped dreaming under Obama. We were made to feel guilty for being American. We were made to feel that America was not the Greatest Nation on Earth. “You didn’t build that”-Obama, July 13th 2012. A famous speech, implying that the individual must depend on Government in order to accomplish anything. Suggesting that “You can’t do without us (government).” But you see, Government has expanded and expanded since America’s founding and this was NEVER our Founding Father’s Intentions. In fact, the Constitution’s primary role is to LIMIT the power of the Government. When Government was limited -Greatness thrived. America thrived. Make America Great Again, is essentially “Make American Individual Dream Big Again.”

Since President Trump has taken office, Americans are dreaming BIG again. We are witnessing promise after promise made on the campaign trail fulfilled. There is a vast difference between President Trump and former President Obama, they view America through completely different lenses. Each President putting forth their policies to fundamentally impact America. Policies bring about legislation and legislation outlasts any President. President Trump wants to implement policies that put America and Americans first. Hating the idea of “America First” policies, as an American -seems contradictory, and it should, but we are witnessing many who DO NOT want America first. They instead want America to be at par with all other countries in the world. They want to implement Globalism –Socialism. Under Socialism -YOU LOSE YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” -Ronald Reagan

Too many are hung up on swag, charm and tweets, but we should NEVER be voting on personalty. Personality has nothing to do with policy. A president is term limited, polices are not.

VOTE Policy over Presidency.

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4 thoughts on “Policy over Presidency

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Forgive me if I spelled your name differently than you spell it.
    I like your thoughts about policy-driven decisions about candidates.
    Now, full disclosure, I am a Trump/Pence supporter, however, there is a “policy,” that many including myself until recently had no idea how backward and destructive it is.
    As I write this, it is being pushed by the White House which will eliminate our US sovereignty placing us in a treaty enforceable by global laws and penalties. This policy is the United States, Mexico, and Canada Treaty.
    The (USMCA) treaty with Mexico, the US, and Canada is a disaster for our liberty and God-given inalienable rights.
    With this said, I will post a link to Christian Gomez’s article on a web page which shows what’s in this 2,345-page monstrosity that Trump and Pence are touting as the best things since slice bread. Unfortunately, just like Obamacare, you can bet that few people will take the time to read the dang document and will just vote to push this through congress.
    In this article written by Christian Gomez, he breaks down how Globalism, Climate Change, Religious Liberty, Private Property, Energy, Oceans, Seashores and other US natural resources will be governed by non-elected bureaucrats who will have the power to override the US Constitution via the treaty. Even the fisheries will fall under the umbrella of foreign non-elected bureaucrats to override state and local laws.
    I don’t like the idea of the US EPA controlling what we can grow, or if we can dig a ditch on our land, but this, a foreign country deciding if we can plant tomatoes, or raise chickens on our farms? Come on, you have got to be joking.
    In this multiple page treaty are provisions to force US companies to hire illegal aliens and get this, and, if you don’t, Mexico and Canada and even people within the US can sue you in court forcing you to hire them.
    The links on Christian’s web page will lead you directly to the USMCA footnote agreements and clauses placed in the document which is published in the US .Gov website so you can verify what he says is in the document. He pulling this information straight out of the treaty agreement.
    So, I am asking you and your husband to take the time to read this. Note, it’s long with footnote links at the bottom. I copied all the text on the web page and used a text to speech program to listen as I read along.
    It’s time we let our Senators, Representatives and even state and local folks know what is in this treaty.
    I like my property, I like my religious liberty, I like my Everything All American USA and I don’t want to be forced to give it up.


    btw, thank you for everything you and your husband are doing to Make America Even Greater than when Trump first started to do the job. I am still Not Tired of Winning… 😁👍

    – Flash River


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