If Trump is a Dictator….

I am BACK!!!

I was out with kiddos for Spring Break, then Easter and now getting ready for Thursday night’s show but I wanted to write quick, in case you all missed the video I dropped last week.

Honestly…..for the last year and a half, all I have heard is Trump being called a dictator. The Mainstream media, Hollywood Celebrities, Left wing News Outlets, pundits -you name it, all dropping the D-word. I mean it’s been endless spewing and every time I’d hear the word I’d roll my eyes….the ignorance in flippantly throwing that word around, blew my mind.

Now though, I am witnessing a HUGE contradiction. The March for our Lives took place almost two weeks ago, and after watching footage after footage of willing participants being interviewed on the BEST solution to our “gun problem” would be a Repeal of the Second Amendment, having former Supreme Court Justice say he believes in repealing the Second, and other powerful news outlets suggesting a repeal of the Second Amendment is a good idea I had to take a pause.

Whaaaaaaaaat? Repeal the Second Amendment? These are the SAME PEOPLE that have been calling Trump a Dictator for the last year and a half! A dictator ALWAYS disarms it’s citizenry before they they go bat sh*t crazzzzzzzzy! Why…. why in the WORLD would you want to disarm citizens IF you believe Trump is a Dictator? So naturally…..I had to make this:

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