5 Reasons why we lost in Alabama and how we can prevent this from happening again.

Losing feels horrible. No one likes to lose. But, I think that all to often we point the finger at everyone but ourselves when it comes to a loss. This really does not benefit us for the future. I want to win. In order to win, we have to reflect and observe our loses and make changes! Here are reasons why I think we lost and what we can do, so we win in future races.

1. Vet heavily in the Primary. I have witnessed time and time again milk toast “we are all friends” Primaries. I am not saying tear each other apart, but I am saying if there is dirt on someone, IT HAS TO COME out in the Primary. If it doesn’t, then the Democrats will find it in the General and DESTROY us with it. Do opposition research on all your Primary opponents and make sure your candidate does opposition research on them-self!

2. Polarizing characters win Primaries, but they don’t win General Elections. You want to win? In order to win -YOU HAVE TO GET THE INDEPENDENT VOTE. Independent voters are not drawn to polarizing characters. Yes, polarizing characters win the base. They rally the far right, but they do nothing after that. Trump won in 2016, because some questioned if he was Conservative or Republican. Trump was lenient on a lot of Conservative principles -especially the social issues. I am not saying compromise your beliefs, I know where I stand on social issues…..but I also know where Independents stand and in order to get the Independents to join us, there has to be some compromise. Many would rather lose then make compromises, fine….but I don’t want to lose. So I am willing to.

3.) We MUST BE Proactive AND NOT Reactive. We all to often, allow the Media to Control the Narrative. We are forever playing defense! As the accusations started to roll out on Moore we should have had a serious family discussion. We didn’t. We just continued to let the Media spit and we kept wiping it off our faces. The minute these accusations started coming up on Moore- we should have had a real talk about long term consequences. When these allegations started, we should have asked Moore to step down and put up a candidate that had been fully vetted. The left then would have lost ALL MOMENTUM. We would have deflated their plan instantly. Instead, we drove ourselves into a corner of panicked defense. Let’s for a moment think if Moore had won, we would STILL be on the Defense. Denouncing the allegations, just like we were throughout the entire race! Guilty or not, the

4.) Rally behind candidate. Only 43% of Republicans in Alabama turned out to vote…..guys, that is HORRIBLE. It is because Moore was a flawed candidate. But, flawed candidates CAN STILL WIN. The Democrats back their candidates regardless! They backed a woman that was married to an alleged rapist, who also victim shamed those that were sexually violated! They stuck by Hillary’s side. We don’t. We didn’t rally behind Moore, because we refuse to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is Tax Reform, Building the Wall, Reforming Healthcare and so forth! We needed that Senate seat in Alabama and we did not rally as Republicans and Conservatives to get it.

5.) Cliche’s and Soundbites, won’t win General Elections. Fancy speeches, and Conservative Soundbites….won’t win General elections. Let’s be REALLY HONEST. Moore was a caricature. He road on a horse, in a cowboy hat to go vote yesterday.  Who could relate to that? I was secretly embarrassed when I saw this. Is the guy a cowboy? Does he heard cattle? Is he from Wyoming, or Texas? NO. He is a Judge, so ACT LIKE A JUDGE. Caricatures don’t win Independents. Independents are weird’ed out by caricatures and are not drawn to them but rather repulsed by them.  A Judge is a huge accomplishment, zero in on that and don’t give the media anything to characterize. As we approach 2018 Midterms, focus on what the candidate you put up HAS accomplished and hone in on that, not the soundbites, fancy speeches and so forth- this will attract independents.



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