Kaepernick or Watt…….VOTE HERE!

GQ Magazine has named Colin Kaepernick as “Citizen of the Year.” Which I personally find hysterical!!! I made a poll of an alternative option that GQ should have considered…..

But I want to know your comments and thoughts!

Vote in the POLL below and let me know what ya think!



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3 thoughts on “Kaepernick or Watt…….VOTE HERE!

  1. Seems like an upside down world…Colin Citizen of the year…Caitlin Jenner Woman? Of the Year…Amazing…what bubble heads sitting in their office in high rise buildings think of these absurditys…are they that out of touch with grassroots Americans…or possibly they feel so far superior to our “tiny” intellects. Afterall we are “the deplorables”” that voted for the most Amazing President ever!!!


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