Hey Hollywood…….just Shut Up!

I didn’t watch Sunday night as a bunch of Liberal Global Elitists gathered in a room to reward each other for their “convincing”  moments on camera while simultaneously bashing our President. I stopped watching the Emmy’s and well all award shows a long time ago.

Before I was “momma,” I lived in Hollywood. I actually worked and lived in a well known celebrity’s s home in Beverly Hills. I witnessed first hand how these celebrities live, and how completely disconnected they are from the rest of America. That’s why I find it extremely hypocritical for these Celebrities to feel the need to weigh in on political issues impacting the middle class when THEY DO NOT LIVE like us. They are untouched by most legislation passed in Congress they literally live in a BUBBLE!

Most of these celebrities could not even tell you what a gallon of gas costs or much less a gallon of milk. They have people doing EVERYTHING for them…..EVERYTHING.

If it takes exertion of any kind, they have a hired hand for it!

Driving a car, cooking food, answer their phone, mowing their grass, shopping for clothes, flushing their toilet, raising their kid(s), painting their toes, combing their hair, cleaning their home, buying their own groceries…..you name it, they have got someone doing it for them!

Now, some would argue President Trump has lead a life removed from what we “your average middle class” American faces on the day to day, and I wouldn’t deny that. But, “The Blue Collar Billionaire” has provided jobs for the Middle Class from the get go. He is unfiltered, unpolished and speaks from his heart without running his words through a series of politically entrenched bureaucrats for approval. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. Trump is not a politician and he won the heart of Americans across this country because he was able to address the needs of the Middle Class. Jobs, Border Security, Tax cuts and putting the forgotten people (the hardworking middle class Americans paying taxes) back in the game.

Since Trump took office over One Million jobs have been created in this country. An employer looks at who is currently in office and projects what the economic future will hold and responds accordingly.  Consumer confidence is now at an all time high. Regulation cuts have encouraged businesses across this country to expand, take risks and hire! Trump may not be Middle Class but he knows the Middle Class and he is working hard for us.

Hollywood celebrities on the other hand, remain in their bubbles…..so….they can just shut up.

10 thoughts on “Hey Hollywood…….just Shut Up!

  1. WTF, if you want celebrities to shut up about bashing Trump, then tell them to not praise him either, oh wait 1st amendment freedom of speech. You have freedom of speech but only if you say what I agree with. Hypocrite, you can spew your gibberish, no one tells you to shut up. What’s good for the goose


  2. Quite honestly, she might be the dumbest person to ever post anything on the internet. No wonder conservatives are seen as the modern day KKK


  3. Whooooaahh !

    Looks like Conservative momma has hit a nerve with Hollywierd and its sycophants. Whoddathunk the “elites” would also be snowflakes.


  4. The elections in this country have been rigged by the republicans for a long time now. The RNC has admitted to this and produced a strategy training film 12 years ago for the purpose of usurping the vote, so there is nothing to debate on that issue. Republican policy is “the end justifies the means” , and they make no apology as they cut piesces of democracy off the body of America. The athlete activists, which is not new (Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali) are in reality the last visible champions of what is true American patriotism. Mandating a tribute to the flag is possible the last step towards this country having a government like russia or some third world”democracy”. This president is a danger to America and the entire world, saluting the flag is now seeming more like saluting Trump.


  5. See, it’s people like these that keep ignorance above common sense in regards to race relations in America.
    Don’t tell me I should leave. I didn’t ask to come here. You STOLE me. You call this the greatest country in the world. You know why? I built it. Well.
    You have the richest economy in the world? Thank King Cotton and Queen Sugar for that, both of which I produced. For free.
    You love the freedom to say dumb stuff like this? You’re welcome. I fought and died for your freedom to do so. So before you stand on your white privilege and tell anyone they should go home, know this: I am home. I respect it more than you do, because I defend it and love it IN SPITE of how it treats me. Why don’t you go back to Europe and move back into the caves?
    I thought so.


  6. When I see racist white people like you that’s not looking into what’s really going on just talking s*** because you white guarantee you if the shoe was on the other foot you won’t be saying a motherfuking thing if I ever see your ass in public or something I might smack your ass b****


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