North Korea

Three days ago the United Nations adhered to President Trump’s call in placing tough sanctions on North Korea due to their nuclear missile testing while specifically threatening the U.S. These sanctions will hit the North Korean economy in over 1 billion in cost. Ouch!

Let’s just state the obvious, Kim Jong Un….is craaaaaaazy. He already starves his people, is a petulant child in an adults body desperate for attention….a real monster. I picture him as Joffery from Game of Thrones. 

My hope is these sanctions really cause Kim Jong Un to back off his nuclear weapons quest to launch a warhead onto U.S. soil; resulting in a mass casualty like we have never seen. 

If I am going to be honest though-we are dealing with crazy and crazy doesn’t respond to what “normal” responds to-crazy ……is well crazy. 

I would like to think that Kim Jong Un….wouldn’t want to put his country in jeopardy by continuing nuclear tests…..but I think he will. I think this situation will only intensify and Trump’s Presidency will reflect primarily on his dealings with a crazed dictator from N. Korea. 

The only way for this to end without tragedy is for Kim Jong Un to experience the same fate Joffrey from Game of Thrones did (assassination). Then who takes over Kim Jong Un’s position? This person would have nuclear capabilities at their finger tips….but they’d also know what happens to those that threaten the U.S. with nuclear warheads mulling around in the back of their head……

I stumbled upon this clip of Donald Trump back in 1999. Here he warns that tough negotiations must be had with North Korea, or else North Korea will get a hold of nuclear weapons. Trump was right, I just wish our leadership at the time would have listened. 

I also noted the respect had by the mainstream for Trump’s opinion in this interview ….so different than today. 

Let me know your thoughts….how do we deal with escalating North Korea?

2 thoughts on “North Korea

  1. #gaysfortrump
    Wow! He knew then. Donald Trump is just what the Doctor ordered.
    We totally dodged a bullit almost electing that Clinton bitch know-it-all.
    Even if this all goes back, we has many wonderful years of a good life.
    Little Kim Chi is toast very soon.


  2. From what I have seen over the years, it’s been appeasement after appeasement. Lil Kim throws a fit, makes threats behind demands then all the trophy polishers say ‘okay!’ Then he does it again. Pres Trump stands up to him and suddenly he’s the bad guy. Lil Kim is a greedy, self-serving wanna-be dictator that abuses his country and it’s people all so he can feed his lifestyle. Ever notice he’s the fattest person in NK?
    He needs to be eliminated. The only issue I see from that is: What will follow? Better or worse!


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