It is a baby…..

While the healthcare battle debate continues, the debate over protecting life in the womb continues as well —which is complete lunacy! I watched the “March for Science.” People proclaiming Science the be the “end all be all.” Yet these same science believers refuse to acknowledge that SCIENCE says a baby in the womb is LIFE! Why do they refuse? If these liberal progressive science crazed zealots recognize that life in the womb is life, then according the 14th Amendment this Life should be protected. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of LIFE, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” 

I have carried three babies inside my womb. I have felt them move inside me as early as 14 weeks! I have learned their personalities through their movements while they were safe inside my womb. Some of the foods I craved during pregnancy are my children’s favorite foods today! The liberal progressive left has tried to dehumanize life in the womb. Calling the baby inside the womb a “fetus,” “a clump of cells,” “mass tissue,” and a “parasite” living off of the mother host. It’s a baby, if the baby IS WANTED, if you don’t want the baby, then the baby is referred to as a fetus.

Strange….because NEVER in all three of my pregnancies did anyone walk up to my belly and ask me “when the fetus is due.” NOT ONCE.


4 thoughts on “It is a baby…..

  1. Yes, when Trump took away funding I read so many post about how he is ruining futures for women. Abortion is somehow birth control and with out it teens lives will be destroyed. I know they can always say no, but sex isn’t not the only problem.
    Random Flying Penises. Imagian, a 18yo girl getting ready for college. It’s stressful. So she takes a walk in the park. Now her legs hurt, but luckily a bench is near by. As she sits, he legs become slightly spread and Boom! A random Dong with wings spots it prey. Now the hunt is on. Slowly it sneaks forward, it’s eye locked on, it is prone and ready to strike.
    A friend of the spots her and says “Hi, can I sit down?” The girl relaxed a bit and agrees. The Prone flying Dong with wings is undeterred. This addition female give it twice as many chances. As the friend sits, the girl uncrosses her legs and begins to face toward the friend.
    The time is now, it’s strike or face failure.
    The Dong darts forwards and goes into a dive.
    The prey sees it’s approach, but acts to late.
    Pow, it’s in and leaving its.seed it falls put and goes limp.
    It has done it’s Job. It’s future is now secure and it’s time for it to sleep. For the college student life is over. Her only hope was Sexual awareness and it’s not funded. Only it wasn’t she could have learned of the Titanium reinforced Dong away Chastity belt! It now comes in 6 exciting colors, and is bluetooth ready.
    Sadly she never learned and without abortion to kill the child now in her her dreams our crushed. The secretive nature of abortion means she would never have to face the consequence of her choices. If she gave it up for adoptipn everyone would know. Murding babies was he only hope. Only if other ways existes to prevent pregnancy and the murder of babies… In a world of magical Glyinh penises with wings such measures our just mere fantasy.


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