Why I am Conservative

All too often I get asked “Why are you a Conservative?” I think it is essential for Conservatives to be able to answer this question in an understandable way. In short, I am a Conservative because Conservatism goes to the root of the problem, instead of trying to patch up the problem. If you patch up a problem, it’ll keep happening. I want to solve the problems.

For the sake of time, I condensed my numerous reasons on why I am Conservative into my top five.

  1. I think the Government is efficient and effective at running very little.  The primary role of Government is to Defend Americans, to Promote General Welfare (not provide) and to secure the blessings of liberty. The government today has become grossly enlarged and what they try to fix they end up ruining. How can we expected a bunch of bureaucrats, career politicians, and political insiders to have any clue how to solve the problems they create? The Government doesn’t create jobs, the government provides employment funded by the tax payer. A couple of my siblings are employees of the Federal Government and who in their right mind would bite the hand that feeds them? Very few! A sweet pension in the future, and a job that is 9-5 with little over time….sign me up! In reality though, this set up is provided by money we don’t have. We are deeply in debt as a country.

Also, what government ran agencies are solving the problems we face right now?

The Department of Veteran Affairs?  Many Veterans are not getting the care they need and their needs should be top priority! The Department of Education? Since the Department of Education formed, The U.S. has dropped dramatically in test score and where we rank internationally. The government declared a war on poverty back in 1964….how is that working for us? We have over 45 million Americans living in poverty!

2. I am also Conservative because I am Pro-Life. Life in the womb IS LIFE, because SCIENCE SAYS IT’S LIFE. According the the 14th Amendment government has no right to take life! Roe vs. Wade is actually unconstitutional and should be overturned.

I also support pro life Conservative legislatures. If I wasn’t PRO-LIFE, it wouldn’t matter who I vote for. For example -Obama, while he was in the Senate, voted to not save a baby that survives an abortion. I support legislatures that take steps to END abortion not advance it! These legislatures are my VOICE. My voice is my vote in who I vote for.

3. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is not a gift from our government. The Second Amendment is my right as an American Citizen. It is my choice to choose how I defend myself.

4. I believe in Fiscal Conservatism. We are 20 trillion in debt, yet we keep spending money we DON’T HAVE! This is asinine! We literally have billions of dollars being wasted each year. For example- millions were spent studying the drinking habits of fraternities, and tax payer dollars were also spent studying hamsters on steroids…yes, this happened last year! Stop the WASTE, Stop the SPENDING! It is totally and completely irresponsible to continue this spending and pass this debt onto our children!

5. Less Regulation and Less Taxes! Overbearing Regulation in short, shuts down businesses. Rules and restrictions stifle the entrepreneur and the dreamers! Bureaucrats that really have no idea how business works are putting restrictions on business….and causing many to not even try….this results in less jobs-FYI: jobs are good! Taxing the hell out of the job providers eliminates jobs! Business form with the intention of profit, if there is no profit…..why have a business? No business, no jobs.

Below is a video I made that explains this in under 3 minutes, simply put- Conservatism is Common Sense 🙂

9 thoughts on “Why I am Conservative

  1. Well said Conservative Momma.
    (although your closer to being my conservative daughter) 😀.
    Nice to see common sense and reality hasn’t escaped everyone in you generation.
    Keep up the good work!
    The Chief definitely approves.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It must be easy to not care about people at all. Deregulation, that’s a funny word you conservatives love but it means four year olds working in sweat shops because there’s no regulation to tell businesses they can’t. It means robber barons paying you $1/hour because there’s no gov to tell them they can’t. Businesses are inherently evil and do not have your best interest at heart. It must be easy to care that rich people have it easy when you are so wealthy that you can just sit at home and focus on your politics. My wife and I both work two jobs, and I’m in the Army. We have to work all the time to have anything. I hate the rich because everything wrong in our lives is the fault of big rich jerks like you and your family who pay no taxes. Finally you want small gov except when it comes to a woman’s body, and my wife and I’s birth control choices and the rest. And you want the gov to make being gay illegal. How about you get the gov out of people’s bedrooms first. I hate rich people and everything you conservatives stand for. I’m sure you’ll delete this comment but it’s ok you don’t want your readers to be informed.


    1. Mike,
      I’m neither a dem or a con – I think of myself as a moderate, but lean towards conservatism. I also think our gov’t system is broken.
      When past dem presidents were in office, I supported what they tried to do if it made sense. I did not call them names or denigrated them. I was always (or at least tried) to be optimistic.
      Now we have a conservative in office. Is he perfect? Hell no, but I will be optimistic – I will give him chances (not just one) to do things to correct the obscene mess in WDC. I hope you agree that the way our gov’t is running, usually it’s NOT for the benefit of us – it’s mostly backslapping, run along party lines, with lobbyists controlling much of what happens…and our officials? They want to be elected for life!
      So, Mike, I share you anger, but it’s not Trump, it’s the broken system we have. I hope the proverbial shit does hit the fan some day and that our gov’t comes to its senses. Will we ever see an FDR or an Ike again? Unfortunately, times have changed, I think not. In the meantime, I will do my best to support who’s in office…and pray they some things right.


    1. Actually, Michael…..you Libs already earned the SnowFlake title. You obviously, like most lobs are so stuck in your ways you do not have the ability nor desire to be mature and open minded….essential to solving mutual problems.
      We ARE in this together….we work together or we divide and be conquered. Choices, choices!🇺🇸🙏🏼


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