Russia Russia Russia….sorry, I am over it!

“Circumstantial Evidence,” “Alleged,” “Supposed,” “Undisclosed Sources that can’t be confirmed or denied”……really….I mean really? This is ALL we hear about the Russian Narrative that the Mainstream Media continues to push. I have NEVER ever witnessed more sore losing than this IN MY LIFE!

The total and complete inability to acknowledge that President Trump won the election because Middle Class Hard Working Americans showed up and VOTED for him, can’t be accepted!

Russians didn’t cause record turnouts of crowds at Trump Rallies during the campaign! Russians didn’t force Democrats and Independents who had never voted for a Republican in the past, to vote for Trump. Russians didn’t pick an incredibly flawed candidate to run against Trump. Russians didn’t infiltrate the Electoral College and turn votes!

Yet….if you watched the Mainstream Media, you’d think Russians played a YUUUUGE role in President Trump’s victory! And they are STILL pushing this narrative! NO EVIDENCE has turned up after almost a YEAR of every investigative journalist in the world working on this!

At this point it’s just comical! That’s why I shot this yesterday….enjoy:

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