5 observations while on the campaign trail.

3 thoughts on “5 observations while on the campaign trail.

  1. I learned even Libs think they’re Conservative. I already knew the Republicans in DC weren’t Conservative, but this year I learned neither are the majority of of voters who call themselves Republicans. I learned the word Rino not only pertains to the gop est who cast their votes with the Democrats, but also includes those of us who truly believe in Conservatism, and suddenly realized we don’t belong in the gop. Our ideas no longer jive with the rest of the gop, and probably haven’t since Reagan. I’ve also learned through Ted Cruz, and even Trump, that one person CAN, for better or worse, make a difference. I’ve learned this year is we ALL must stay engaged, every day, not just during the election season. You’re right about DC not having a clue about what’s happening in out states. We all need to stay engaged with what’s happening in our individual states, every day of every year, because this is where we can make the most difference.

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  2. That!…is very good stuff. Like #2: Reagan never did have to slide to the left after the primary, and there’s a lot of productive conversation around that. But they’re all good points that need dissemination today. This is a unique time. Americans are still pumped, interested and most importantly, receptive after this election.

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