Your Freedom for “security”

“What if Congress did something — anything — to protect our kids from gun violence” -Obama said this last week.

The President (for only another 383 days) is set to take some Executive Action on Gun Control later this week.  Huh…..”what if Congress did something….anything,” I actually agree-our Congress is a ginormous disappointment- but not when it comes to gun control.

Over the course of the last few years I have watched the American people make the Government their God. Looking to the almighty government to save, fix, solve and create.

The government can’t fix this mess. No written law will prevent those that wish to do harm -to not be able to do harm. Bad people do bad things with no regard for the law. Most mass shootings occur in “gun free zones”- you just can’t have more gun control than that!

This desperate act of desperation to “do something” is a masking for something much deeper-an infringement on our freedom.

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamin Franklin

Trading freedom for safety will get you neither.

So …..In regards to Obama’s plea that we “do something”……I have some suggestions that won’t infringe on any Americans Individual Liberty- and will not dare set foot on our Bill of Rights. Perhaps the President could address these root causes instead of immediately resolving to tamper with our 2nd Amendment Right.

  1. You want fewer “bad guns” doing bad things?

SECURE THE BORDER! The majority of illegal guns used to do horrific crimes come through our borders that are not secure! An estimated 2000 illegal guns enter through our Mexican Border a DAY!

     2. You want less crazies having guns?

Take a look at our mental health care- or lack there of! Most of the people committing these crimes have serious mental health issues….the total lack of research, inability to treat and detect mental illness is cause for most of these shootings. I got an idea-let’s take the 2.5 billion dollars a year we spend subsidizing dairy, peanut and sugar farmers and put that money towards mental health. Or let’s take the 1.1 million dollars used in throwing staff parties for the International Agency of Development  and put that towards mental health.

   3. You want less violence among the youth?

Let’s demand parents start parenting! Ummm if your 8 year old is playing “Call of Duty” -that’s on you! If your children are watching violent movies promoting gun violence-that’s on you!

Where is the ownership? You had kids-own up and PARENT!

4) You want less “accidental” gun violence

Educate yourself on Guns.

That’s right, most people that are all for Government intervention on Gun Control-have never even held a gun! Guns don’t walk around shooting people…’s PEOPLE that do the shooting-

Should we outlaw silverware because that is a tool used that contributes to obesity?

Should we outlaw knives because knives could be used to stab people?

Should we outlaw matches and gasoline, because those two combined start fires?

Should we outlaw cars, because a car could be used for violence?

Don’t be ALL FOR banning something because you are scared…..get educated on what scares you.


5) You want more Americans to value Life?

Stop the hypocrisy! If you are soooo concerned about the loss of innocent life and “protecting our kids from gun violence,” as Obama says-you  should then most definitely be Pro-life, because ALL lives Matter and that baby in the womb IS A LIFE-even SCIENCE says it’s life! How can we expect people to value life when we are allowing millions of babies to be murdered every year?!


Somewhere we lost Personal Responsibility. Yes…..I know it sounds like such a foreign concept. Take responsibility for YOUR actions!

So while Obama abuses his Executive Power this next week…..limiting law abiding citizens rights -know that we aren’t addressing the root causes, and all these Executive Actions will do….is strip YOU a little bit more of your individual liberty.

“Handing over your rights as an American- to a vastly corrupt and manipulated government- in exchange for “safety” -will lead to your  slavery.” -ConservativeMomma


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