The greatest gift, has already been given!

I wrote this a year ago, but it’s so important to remember and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas….thought I’d re-share- Merry Christmas guys!

Conservative Momma

With Christmas just days away, I want to break from the politics and take a moment to give recognition to the true meaning of Christmas.


“The reason for the season,” we hear it so often said….understanding it, is a whole other story.

Can you imagine loving something so much you’d sacrifice your child for it? The very idea blows my mind! Why? How? What would cause someone to do this? I’d do anything to protect my children…anything! So to have the idea of God, loving humanity so much, he gave his only son (knowing that years later-his son would lay down his life for all mankind) sounds crazy!

Why? Why would God do this?

Mankind at its core, is not perfect. If you disagree, just turn on the news for a few minutes and you will hear of unspeakable horrors that mankind is capable of. Also witnessing your absolutely…

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