#Transgender from a #Christian perspective….

I saw this advertisement by Clean and Clear, and it left me confused. Being a mom in these times is not easy. Anything goes! If you have an opinion or a thought that is different than what the main stream media would suggest, you are seen as hateful or bigoted. I am neither hateful or bigoted, but I am confused.

This ad features Jazz Jennings, a transgendered teenager. She claims that she is a girl, trapped in a boys body. Now she is living her life as a girl. Watch:

Between this ad and Planet Fitness (a couple weeks ago) revoking a woman’s membership because she felt uncomfortable in the gym’s locker room with a transgender -Carlotta Sklodowska- a man who is living her life as a woman…I am now even more confused.

 . transgender

One half of One percent of the population is said to identify with being transgendered, but with the media these days….you’d think half the population was!

Geeeez, how am I to process this stuff….and then how am I to explain this to my kids when they are older?

Here’s what I know:

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”      Genesis 1:27. There are XX Chromosomes making you a woman and there are XY Chromosomes making you a male. God designed us in HIS image. I also believe that there are no exceptions to HIS design. His design is perfect, because HE is perfect.

I also know this:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” Jeremiah 1:5. God knows us. He knew us before he created us. He desires a relationship with us. He also says “if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.” It is not about how we “feel” or how we “see” our selves-it is rather about how God sees us. How does God see you? You can know how God sees you by creating and forming a relationship with Him.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14. God’s works ARE wonderful, and His creation of humanity is His masterpiece. Regardless of how you “feel,” God made you wonderful and there is no confusion in God.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33.

Is it possible to go through periods of questioning our sexuality….yes, of course….but we are also called to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5. Thoughts can get out of control…if we allow them to. That’s why we take our thoughts captive and line them up with what God’s word says.

Here’s what I am trying to say. If you want to really know yourself, know who you are called to be, know who you were created to be….seek a relationship with God. In that relationship, you will find who God has called you to be. This world, is a crazy place….without God, we really are lost….and we’ll try to identify ourselves through feelings….but feelings don’t last, only God’s love does….and that can be found in a relationship with Him.

The world would love to quickly tell you Who you are, but the truth of who you are is found in God.

God says

8 thoughts on “#Transgender from a #Christian perspective….

  1. Hm… well, maybe I can help you to explain it to your kids. People are born with chromosomes, and people are born with, well, genitals. Sometimes these two things are mismatched, or sometimes they can’t be designated as male or female, because nature isn’t uniform. This is called “intersex.” Some people who have male chromosomes and male body parts or female chromosomes and female body parts also have something, a sort of mental disorder- it’s called dysphoria, and it makes the person who has it feel negatively towards the gendered parts of their identity, body, and lifestyle. Everybody experiences some degree of uncomfortableness with their gender, but people with gender dysphoria feel even more, to the point where they might develop symptoms like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. When people have this, the best way to ease the “symptoms” is by identifying them as who they are comfortable as. For instance, I experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks as a result of being referred to as female, being unable to achieve male beauty standards, etc. However, when people call me Jasper or he, it makes me feel better. Does that make sense? Would you deny accommodations to kids with down syndrome because God designed humans with two chromosomes and that is the most complex things can get? Honestly, I’m just attempting to explain why people feel the way we do, so I hope that extensive paragraph helped some.

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  2. My first instinct is to walk away from this and say nothing, but then, how is it possible to start a conversation which may lead to understanding?
    It is my belief God has made us and has done so for His own purpose. This includes Transgender/Transsexual people. I might not understand why and neither does anyone else, but He knows.
    I could give you a number of resources to pursue, web site after web site, one scientific paper after another which are all part of a growing body of evidence showing this to be a normal part of biological life, but they represent only part of the answer.
    Suffice it to say I have spent a great deal of time in study and prayer and I am comfortable telling you I am who and what He has called me to be.
    I don’t expect you to accept this; you don’t need to, it is between me and Him.

    Peace be with you,
    Kira Moore


    1. Clearly we aren’t having a scholarly discussion here. No matter how hard I try to be serious, your claim of a “growing body of evidence” make me chuckle a bit. When we’re talking about gender, I would love to see your scholarly articles which apparently thoroughly debunk this little gem here: The American Psychological Association. Specifically, the DSM 5. I don’t care to quote it off word for word, because clearly your final conclusion will always be “I am who I am who I am who God made me to be” and this “conversation” will go nowhere, much less “lead to understanding.” However, it’s good reading. If you want to point me towards any of these scholarly articles, however, it would be a pleasure to read them. I give you the DSM 5’s description and diagnosis of gender dysphoria as well as the Standard of Care for gender dysphoria- you give me whatever it is prompted that “web site after web site” comment. Sound fair? Alright.


      1. I have to agree about not having a “scholarly discussion” when your primary source is a collection of religious texts. I also understand it doesn’t matter to you what evidence I show in support of my position as your bible trumps any mortal texts. Still, in the spirit of fairness I ask you to Google “Transgender Scientific studies”. Now I will abmit I have not vetted each and every one, but neither do I have the time to your work for you. There are more than 420,000 results for this one search and there are more to be found by using different terms.


      2. Apologies, I am not certain if we are even on opposing sides of this argument at the moment. Mainly what prompted that thought would be the “your bible” comment, as I never mentioned religion nor am I even religious, and so I think this whole string of comments might be either one big misunderstanding of the others’ argument or one big misunderstanding of the other’s identity.


      3. Ah… I’ve been thinking about the same thing. My comment and reply were directed to the original author who, as you know, quoted more than a few bible verses to substantiate their position. I assume your comment was directed toward the same person and not to me, sometimes comment sections can become confusing!

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  3. I am a mental health Therapist so I appreciate your referral to the DSM V. I work with a broad variety of people, from depression to bipolar, but I have yet to meet someone who is dealing with gender dysphoria. Every single person who comes into my office is cared for, no matter what their diagnosis may be. When someone walks in with severe depression I can help them (if they let me), but does that mean I think God wants them depressed? Did he make them to someday deal with feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness? No, He did not, and by saying He did would go against everything the word says. When someone tells me they are hearing voices and can’t stop swaying from side to side, researches say that a combination of genetics and environment contributes to development of the disorder. Did God make them to hear such things, to feel like they are going crazy, to be tormented by their own minds? No, sin did this. God made us to be whole, healthy, strong. But, we are human, so we are sinful. When Adam and Ever first betrayed God they allowed sin to be born on Earth, which made Satan the prince of this world. It is our job as Christians to stand against the enemy, who comes to steal kill and destroy. We are not only standing against the enemy for ourselves, but for our children as well. It is our job to protect them. I can not tell you how many children I see every day who have had awful experiences because there was nobody there to protect them, both physically and spiritually. I don’t believe God ever intended the world to be this way, but human choices molded it into the sad world it has become. I also don’t believe God ever intended for people to be born sick or diseased, but the world has allowed such things to happen.
    I know that God loves each and every one of us. He WANTS us to live fulfilling lives, free of sickness, mental and physical diseases, depression (the list goes on and on). I hate to hear that you have anxiety and panic attacks, but know that God does not want you to. He said we were not given a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind. You have power, what a beautiful thing! I am not, in any way, attempting to make you feel bad or put you down, far from it! As a Therapist I want to build people up, help them to see light at the end of a dark and lonely tunnel. Just remember, you have power and, as conservative momma said, you are who GOD says you are.

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