A Convention of the States…. say whaaaaaat……SIGN ME UP!!!

I thought I’d re-blog this one, since 16 States have filed to call for a Convention of States in their state House! We need 34, and of course we need this to pass both House and Senate….but it’s starting to get some steam! What is a Convention of States-Read and find out! 🙂

Conservative Momma

I had a really interesting conversation with a woman last night. She would definitely be classified as the “tea party-grassroots Conservative.” We started talking about Term Limits and she argued against it. I said “Why……!?? Oh my gosh-it was never meant to be a career!” I was initially shocked that she wasn’t for it! I haven’t met a true Conservative that doesn’t back Term Limits! I asked her to explain, and it was her reasoning, that got me thinking…..

“We have Term Limits, they are called elections.” Ughhh ya….ya…ya, I hadn’t heard that one before. I wasn’t thrilled to hear this uttered from her mouth. She then told me about her advocacy for a Convention of the States. She said it is here we can actually CHANGE how Congress is operating. We the people have the power, if we have the organization skills, we could make history.

What is…

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