My random thoughts…because yes I have had a glass or two of wine ;)

A lot of my Facebook, Twitter and blog participants have noticed an evolution in me. Yes, I’ll freely admit a change has happened in my thoughts, views and opinions. At my core I am Conservative through and through, I always will be-because in this system of values I find hope, resolution and true progress. My evolving has only led me to question whether a Conservative at this point has a party to align itself with? The Republican Party, at its base is Conservative but it has been overrun in may areas by Big Corps and Pacs, to me-it seems like everybody has somebody else’s hands in their pockets. I mean we knew the Dems, were bought out a long time ago with a socialistic agenda at the helm…..but I am wondering at this point is everyone bought??? Is everyone in it for themselves, and worse -have they forgotten the people they represent?

 Is it all about climbing the ladder?

City Council, School board, County Commissioner ….. then on to State House or Senate, if successful there, hell run for US Congress!

 Why does this bother me? Why do I cringe at the word “career” politician? They seem nice, right? I mean they seem like they are in it for good intentions….

 I guess what rubs me wrong is I am seeing so much “hype” over an individual. Hope placed on a very fallible human.

 I saw it in Hollywood. I saw it first hand working for a very well known celebrity. The glorification of “self.” I will tell you, this brings one to ruin. There is no freedom in being praised, it is actually a prison. My question is how can we expect our politicians to be any different? The glitz, the glamour, the praise- it’s become an unhealthy and polluted environment. It’s Hollywood but it’s cloaked in “news,” bills and …..cspan….and looooooong winded interviews. What was once FOR the people has become FOR the elected.  “Whatever keeps me in office”-is now the agenda. Campaigns have turned into month long previews and trailers of the next big hit!

  I was recently asked why I do what I do? Do I have an agenda? My answer-No. I blog because my heart is in this. My emotions, my thoughts, my tears, my children’s future. There is no hidden plan here….I do this for my simple love of this country.  That’s right, there are those that still believe in America and everything she was founded upon. “Would I ever run for an office,” I have been asked?  Ha! Only if there was a commitment to NO strings, no attachments and not being owned in any way…..but I have found this concept alone would take a revolution…..and perhaps that is my role. A Representative of the people, because I have not, nor will I ever forget what it is like be one. To not be in the upper class- to be middle class, to know the price of a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas, to cut coupons, to hunt for a deal, to know what it’s like to save for pre-school and to honestly feel, the weight of the unemployed on my shoulders…..I know, and may I never ever forget.

But until there are NO strings attached….I am here. I am blogging; I am using my free speech, my words, to usher in change.

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