When did the GOP become so Democrat???

I just watched the Libertarian response to the State of the Union that Glenn Beck had on his Facebook Page. I really didn’t get how far off track the GOP has gotten, until I watched the clip below. This clip made me realize that we have been playing defense with Democrats for the last 25 years and because of that, our party platform has become so convoluted. The idea of small government, cutting spending, de-funding unnecessary federal departments, school choice, focusing on our own borders, punishing crime that should be punished-not for political purposes, and bringing the power back to the people….has been lost.

Now before you freak out and think I am a total Libertarian, I think the question should be-when did the Republican Party become so Democrat? And when did our core Conservatives values become a thing of the past? Because the Republican Party once stood for everything that is mentioned in this speech below. Now I know the pro-life issue is argued to not be Libertarian, but I argue that it totally can be, in fact I wrote a whole blog on why a Libertarian could/should be pro-life just about a month ago. Click here to read it.

Watch this and let me know your thoughts….

One thought on “When did the GOP become so Democrat???

  1. Here’s an article I wrote several years go. Probably even more pertinent today….
    An Article I wrote several years ago…

    The Ash Heap of History

    If he had been elected, would John McCain have been the LAST “Republican” ever elected President.

    I realize that is a radical statement, but feel it might be possible. I don’t think that would necessarily be a bad thing. Bear with me for a moment. I will tell you why I feel this is so, but first my must confess my deepest, darkest most shameful secret.

    I am a “recovering Democrat.” Unlike the southern people, who during the reconstruction period after the Civil War, said “I’d have rather vote for a yellow dog on the ticket than vote for a Republican,” I was a RABID Dog Democrat. I would have rather “voted for a rabid dog, and shot the Republican.”

    I had been raised in a family that believed Republican were “evil sons of Satan,” who only wanted to poison the air and water, steal from the poor and give to the rich, etc, ad nauseam. I never thought to ask myself “Wait a minute! If they poison the air and water, won’t they and their children have to drink the water and breathe the air too? In 1972 I saw something that shocked me to my core and I begin doing something no “good Democrat,” should EVER do… Not if they want to remain a Democrat at least… I started THINKING FOR MYSELF! I started asking questions… More importantly I demanded ANSWERS… both of myself and the politicians.

    In April 1974 I was a 22 year old strong young man, working in construction as a carpenter. By January 1975 I was lying in a hospital bed in Chapel Hill, NC unable to turn over by myself. After being stabilized on multiple medications such as steroids, oral gold, and non-steroidal medications, I was finally able to return to work… But NOT as a carpenter. I was no longer able to do the strenuous physical labor and activities I was previously doing. I guess I could have taken Social Security Disability the rest of my life, like the doctors said I would “have to,” and lived at the expense of others. I choose instead to return to school, use my background as a medic in the Army and become a registered nurse.
    I still hurt all the time. I still needed to take expensive medications to function, but I was able to support my family again.

    That was when I got a BIG shock. Yes, my income had actually gone up with my new career, but my NET pay was not actually that much higher. Why not, you ask.

    Simple… I was now in a higher tax bracket because the government had decided it “wasn’t fair,” that *I* was making more than someone who did NOT go back to school and EARN a higher paying job. The liberals had decided that “in order to be fair to those who CHOOSE not to better their life that more of MY money needed to be taken from ME, and given to someone who “had lost life’s lottery.”

    It was far from an “overnight change.” It wasn’t until 1987 that I actually switched to the Republican Party. I went from voting straight Democrat (and PROUD of it) to “voting for the candidate,” whatever party they were a part of. I then realized that it was not a “war of individuals,” but a “war of philosophies.

    One philosophy said that “we were too stupid, too incompetent to take care of ourselves, and we could only [make it] if we let the government do it for us. If this meant that the government had to take control of every aspect of our life from birth to death that was acceptable.

    The other philosophy said we became strong as a nation not because of the government but IN SPITE OF IT! This other philosophy said that it was INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM to try and FAIL… Try and FAIL… Try & FAIL… over and over again… Until we got up ONE MORE TIME than we were knocked down, that made this country great.

    When I began my “journey of discovery,” I simply wanted to find out the truth, whatever that truth might be. I finally realized that the Democrats had been telling me that 2+2 = 93, and I like so many other people in this country, had been blindly accepting this total garbage without ever ONCE stopping and telling myself “wait just a minute, 2+2 = 4!” I WANTED to believe them. I was willing to put my entire God-given ability to THINK on hold… For YEARS!

    Once I began actually thinking for myself I couldn’t stop until I had learned all I could. Of course while this means my journey continues, it also means that I have learned a LOT along the way.

    That brings me back to my contention that John McCain, had he been elected, might very well have been the LAST Republican ever elected President.

    I remember vividly turning on one of the many news programs several months ago and seeing the end of a segment where a Republican Politician was talking about how he thought it was possible that the Democratic Party might “fade away like the Whigs did.” I sat in stunned amazement and thought to myself, “This man is a COMPLETE MORON!”

    He was a “Republican” and yet didn’t even know the history of his own party! Come to think of it, I shouldn’t be surprised since most Americans (and apparently NO politician) even know what form of government we have.

    I keep hearing politician after politician talking about “saving our Democracy,” and want to shout “we don’t HAVE a Democracy.” I want to tell them our founding Fathers said a Democracy was the worst form of government ever invented by man, and that we are a REPUBLIC!

    Sadly when I tell people we have a Republic and NOT a Democracy I still get a “deer in the headlight look,” and have to explain that while a Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what to have for dinner (essentially mob rule… A lynch mob is a fairly good example of “Democracy in action”), a Republic is a nation of laws. I will admit you can say the United States has a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy, which means that while our officials (or representatives) are elected in a “democratic manner”… Whoever gets the most votes for “Governor, Senator, Mayor, etc are elected to those offices, those officials are then reposed to their place of office where they enact LAWS by which we are ALL supposed to be bound. It is the RULE OF LAW that is the only thing holding the country together… The only thing protecting the weak from the strong, and the minority from the majority…

    That is really a whole other topic and I only mention it here to explain what I mean when I talk about the “Ash Heap of History.” I will attempt to simplify this a great deal, so here goes.

    Years before the civil war there was a political party known as the Whigs. While they were one of the “main parties of the time,” they were like leaves blowing in the wind. They wouldn’t stand against slavery, or even take a stand on multiple other issues of the day.
    A significant number of Whigs, and a smaller number of Democrats, who did want to stand up for what they believed, broke away and formed the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln became the FIRST Republican President and the Whigs died on the “Ash Heap of History” because they forgot that you MUST stand up for what you believe in.

    I don’t really believe in most of what that new born Republican Party stood for, such as a more powerful central government, etc, but at LEAST they stayed true to the principles they had at the time.

    Fast forward to today and take an honest look at the two “main” parties. Even if you don’t agree with the Democrats, and *I* for one subscribe to literally NOTHING of what they are trying to do.

    As a matter of fact when a politician asks for my vote I ask them a simple question… “Are you a Democrat or are you an AMERICAN?” Of course I get some angry looks and I quickly admit that that might be a little harsh and tell them I’ll rephrase the question. I then ask them if they are a Republican or a Socialist?
    I firmly believe that the Democrat Party actually feels that “If America as we know it is destroyed, we don’t care, as long as WE are in power over what is left.” (and remember… I used to BE a democrat)

    Sadly the main difference between the Democrats and Republicans today is simple: The Democrats are driving us over the cliff at 100 mph…

    The Republicans are driving us over the cliff, but want us to follow the speed limit as we go over.

    I have “held my nose” and voted Republican for the last 20 years for ONE reason… The ONLY reason today to vote for any Republican… That is ANY Democrat.

    But, the times they are a changing… For the FIRST time in almost 80 years the Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate and promptly began to govern like “Democrat Light.” They either forgot everything they ever stood for, or… Like the Democrats have been lying to the American People for years.

    John McCain, rather than being a conservative, is what we knew in the 1960’s as a “moderate to left leaning LIBERAL.” He’s a little better on National Security, but even there he raises serious concerns in my mind. He raises even MORE serious concerns in the areas of Free Speech, Amnesty for illegal aliens, and multiple other areas.

    Just as the last two Presidents named Bush were not true conservatives, John McCain is only masquerading as a conservative, and if he had been elected, could very well have been the last nail in the Republican coffin.

    I hope the Republican party can return to the conservative principles they have voiced for the last 70 years, but I for one am willing to wield the hammer that drives that “last nail” myself if it comes to that. I simply refuse to believe I am the only one who remembers what America stands for!

    Is it time (or PAST time) for true conservatives to break ranks with a party that abandoned them long ago? That doesn’t know HOW to lead when they DO gain control of government? That has forgotten what HONOR, CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, LOYALITY mean? That seems to have completely forgotten what has made the United States the greatest country in the history of the world? *I* for one HOPE that it’s not, but… When there is not enough difference between the two main parties to tell what that difference is, I say YES!

    John McCain & the vast majority of the current Republican “leadership” are symptoms of what is WRONG with the Republican Party of today and may very well be the ones driving the “last nail in the coffin” of the Republican Party.

    Contrary to what that moron of a “Republican” said, I am convinced that it is the Republican Party and NOT the Democratic Party that is poised to “die on the ash heap of history,” simply because the Democratic Party IS standing up for what it believes in… SOCIALISM and the end of the United States as a free republic. They are FANATICAL about it. Republicans on the other hand on standing firmly on the motto… “Hey! We’re not as bad as the Democrats.”

    That is not good enough! Not good enough for me, and certainly not good enough for America. This country deserves better! Will it get it from the Republicans, or will it be from the NEW “third party,” that rises up out of the ashes of the Republican Party.

    It is LONG past time for true conservatives to become FANATICAL about this country. Even if the Republican Party is willing to stand by and watch it destroyed, WE can’t afford to!
    Time will tell… Very little time remains, in my opinion, for the Republicans to “turn it around.” I am not very optimistic about them doing it, and *I* am an eternal optimist!

    Jim Yowell, RN
    Fayetteville, NC


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