Why many Democrats are #NeverHillary.

A strange thing has been happening lately…..I am getting Bernie Sanders supporters liking my Face Book Page and following me on Twitter. Yep! How is this possible? I mean I am a free market capitalist, and these guys are “Democratic Socialists!” Two totally opposing worlds, uniting together in agreement? Huh? Let’s be honest, for the most part we just don’t see the world through the same lens. A “fiscal Conservative” and “spread the wealth” players joining together…..whaaaaat!? What in the hell are we agreeing on? How is this possible? Why….seriously why?

Well…I’ll tell you why.


That’s right. It’s







When you smell a rat…..you smell a rat. A whole lot of scandal surrounds this rat. (**Warning language)

The Number ONE Reason from every Bernie supporter I ask: “Why Never Hillary?” The answer:

“She’s a Liar.”

They can’t pull the trigger and vote for a liar. This I respect.

I mean just a couple days ago the FBI found 15,000 hidden emails, after Hillary TOLD US she handed over all the deleted emails =LIE.

These new emails show direct involvement of the Secretary of State with the Clinton Foundation. It confirms her “Pay to Play” scheme she was running! Hillary was quite literally pimping out the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State and granting favors to those who bought in! How it worked simplified:

“Hi, I am Hillary, I am the Secretary of State for the most powerful country in the world. You donate to my “charity” the Clinton Foundation, or pay my hubby Bill over a half million to do a speech and I’ll give you access to things you don’t have access to. Even if you are a horrible dictator and have committed human rights violations, even is you are a Russian Uranium Exec (uranium-ya the stuff used in Nuclear weapons), even if this means profiting off of natural disasters (Haiti),   it doesn’t matter…..I love money and I’ll do anything for money. Yep, Anything. Your donations buy you access.”

P.S. “I have no soul.”

This is real folks. This is someone that wants to lead our Country!

You see, Hillary has been lying her whole life. She been doing it from the start.

She was removed from a House Judiciary Committee staffer job- because of incompetence and LYING.

She LIED about being under “sniper fire” when in Bosnia in 96′ -to make it sound like she was in some crazy war zone:

She LIED to the Mother’s of Benghazi victims, there was NO VIDEO

She is married to a Serial LIAR “I did not have sex with that woman!” Pfff!

She LIED about emails, over and over and over again.

She lied to Obama about being forthright in disclosing Clinton Foundation Donations while SOS-she wasn’t!

The woman that helped rig the election against Bernie and paved way for her to win as the Democratic Nominee (Debbie Wasserman Shultz) was hired by Hillary after she was exposed for working against Bernie!

The woman LIES and she’ll have no problem whatsoever LYING to you. %60 of the American people find Hillary DISHONEST and UNTRUSTWORTHY.

The other primary reason I am hearing on why so many life long True Blue Democrats cannot vote for Hillary is because her economic plan will destroy economic fairness that Democrats believe so strongly in AND this hurts the middle class. Though Social Issues are a huge part of the Democratic Platform, making sure men can use women’s restrooms isn’t as pertinent as being able to pay the bills and feed ones family right now. Hillary’s plan to increase taxes on businesses, directly impacts the workers-the middle class. We are then hit with lower wages. This erodes away the middle class, and increases the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Worse is her running mate Tim Kaine, who sought to impose a tax on those who aspired to the middle class. He attempted to increase his state’s bottom tax rate from 5.75 percent to 6.75 percent. This would have crippled families with annual incomes as low as $17,000!!!
Which does make me wonder was this a mistake by Clinton in the clip below or a Freudian slip?


Hillary, a woman who has never created a job, spent her life in the public sector “serving” but worth millions and millions wants to tell us she knows how to fix the system……?

Nope…..Never Hillary Folks, #NeverHillary.

No, I am not freaked out over Trump being the nominee.

I feel like it has been forever, and it has been been, since I have written anything! So much has happened since I last blogged-for starters I had a baby! Yep, she came a month early-but she is healthy and well. I also am working on a US Senate campaign. So with 3 children 3 and under and countless sleepless nights, I haven’t had much free time. That being said….I feel compelled to state my opinion on something. I may lose readers on this one….but so be it.

I am not at all freaked out by Donald Trump being the nominee. Whaaaaaat….did I just say that…yes, yes I did.

The vast majority of both Conservatives and Democrats loathe him. Most conservative pundits-Glen Beck, Rush, Levin, and many journalist I follow have repeatedly stated Trump is NOT Conservative. Marco Rubio most recently has said that Trump is a con man and that we are all being played. The Pope has implied that Trump is not a Christian, and most of my Conservative role models have done everything but hire a hit on Trump!

Now the Democrats can’t stand him either. According to them-Trump is a racist, womanizing narcissist!

Ok….so…let’s address all this shall we!

Let’s first tackle that Trump isn’t a conservative. I agree….if you put him next to Ted Cruz….Trump looks like a lefty. Most Conservatives out there would vote for Ted Cruz over Trump time and time again, I get it. I do- I am a Conservative. But I heard a wonderful analogy the other day that I have to share.

Let’s say you have been on a vacation for a while, you return home to find your home totally infested with cockroaches. Ughhh right….I mean, they are everywhere! You don’t recognize your home-it’s totally uninhabitable. So you hear about this guy. This guy is said to be able to clean up any uninhabitable home quick-he’s done it time and time again with other homes. This guy though is not so easy on the eyes, he smells horrible-like a dumpster full of dirty diapers, he has the mouth of a sailor and most of his demeanor is absolutely without a doubt repulsive. At this point you don’t care what the guy says, smells like or looks like-you just want those cockroaches gone! So-you hire him for the job.

That’s Trump.

We are 19 Trillion Dollars in debt. 94 million Americans can’t find a job. 50 million Americans are living in poverty. We have got illegal guns, terrorists, and drug traffickers crossing our southern border daily. Christians including children- are being beheaded, crucified and murdered routinely in the Middle East. We no longer lead as a country, we have “lead from behind” these last 8 years…and well….look at the result….

As a mom, my two biggest concerns are securing the border and our economy. I want to know my kids will be safe from those that wish to do us harm and I want to be able to afford to send my children to college when the time comes.

Yes, I like Ted Cruz and Rubio is “okay” …..but what do they know about jobs? Have they created jobs? Do they know how incredibly hard it is to take 1 million dollars and turn it into 10 billion dollars? That’s not an easy accomplishment people and Trump did it. Oh but he has had bankruptcies and failed businesses…..ummmm so has anyone who has ever been an entrepreneur-Henry Ford,  Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison…..I could go on and on. In reality most start ups fail. You can call Trump every name in the book- but an idiot isn’t one of them-an idiot can’t be worth 10 billion dollars.

My other deep concern as mentioned is securing our border. Trump was the first to come strait out of the gate saying let’s build a wall across the southern border to secure our sovereignty. Others followed suit but Trump was the first-that’s leadership and we are sorely lacking leadership right now as a country. Now let’s be real….Establishment Republicans do not want our borders secure. They want to hire cheaper labor and keeping our borders open allows for just that. But here’s the deal- this very wish to keep our borders open by the Establishment-would be the death of the Republican Party, because all those incoming votes-would vote Democrat.

Would it be my dream to get a Conservative elected-yes, it would be. But just take a moment and look around. We have got a country where a vast majority of individuals are honestly  considering a Socialist as their nominee. A guy who is in debt of his own, has no logical basis or understanding of economics, didn’t hold a job till he was in his 40’s, and is the definition of career politician-Bernie Sanders. Do you think, if you are honest with yourself that the country is ready to elect a hard core Conservative? No….no they are not. They are considering a Socialist right now….a strait up Socialist-Conservatism is the opposite of Socialism!

Trump….like him or hate him….is more of that middle ground that we need to tackle first.

The first step to prove conservatism works to the naysayers would be through the implementation of conservative principles in our economy and Trump would do that. Baby steps people….baby steps.

Now let’s discuss why the Democrats hate Trump.

“He’s a narcissist, bigot who hates women!” Well….that’s at least what I keep hearing.

Ok…narcissist…..perhaps. But let’s be honest, anyone who considers themselves worthy of running the most powerful country in the world has got to have a dose or two of narcissism. Napoléon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are just some who are said to have been narcissists as well. Do I like narcissists….no…..(but I wouldn’t like the guy above that can get rid of the cockroaches either) but this disorder can also be used for good. Narcissists get crap done! A person that gets the job done doesn’t have to be “likable” -they just have to get the job done!

A Bigot. Because he wants to secure the border. A country without borders, is not a country. All of Trumps comments on race have been in regards to securing the border. His blatant statement on banning Muslims was not done in the best fashion at all…..but the intention was innocent. If you knew that bananas coming from Brazil could be deadly….would you put a hold on bananas entering the country from Brazil until you knew they were no longer deadly? I would. Trumps “wording” was wrong-but the intention was right-to protect Americans.

Trump hates women! No he doesn’t. Please….set down your mainstream media for five seconds and do some research! Trump has many women in powerful leadership roles within his companies. If you hated women-you wouldn’t be elevating them -you’d be trying to hold them down. Today there are more women than men holding executive positions in the Trump Organization.

So as both Conservatives and Democrats continue to panic over Trumps popularity with Americans….I just don’t see the need to freak out nor will I.

I can think for myself, no matter what the pundits say….

When did the GOP become so Democrat???

I just watched the Libertarian response to the State of the Union that Glenn Beck had on his Facebook Page. I really didn’t get how far off track the GOP has gotten, until I watched the clip below. This clip made me realize that we have been playing defense with Democrats for the last 25 years and because of that, our party platform has become so convoluted. The idea of small government, cutting spending, de-funding unnecessary federal departments, school choice, focusing on our own borders, punishing crime that should be punished-not for political purposes, and bringing the power back to the people….has been lost.

Now before you freak out and think I am a total Libertarian, I think the question should be-when did the Republican Party become so Democrat? And when did our core Conservatives values become a thing of the past? Because the Republican Party once stood for everything that is mentioned in this speech below. Now I know the pro-life issue is argued to not be Libertarian, but I argue that it totally can be, in fact I wrote a whole blog on why a Libertarian could/should be pro-life just about a month ago. Click here to read it.

Watch this and let me know your thoughts….